How to deal with the accuracy error when using metal laser cutting machine

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How to deal with the accuracy error when using metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine processing sheet metal, occasionally there will be precision error, which directly affects the appearance of the product, so to ensure the accuracy of processing accuracy is very important, if there is a precision error we how to deal with it? The following laser to explain to you.

Cause metal laser cutting machine processing error, may occur in the following situations;

1. The thickness of cutting material exceeds the standard. General metal laser cutting function cutting plate thickness in the following 12 thickness, the thinner the plate, cutting up the easier, the better quality. If the plate is too thick, laser cutting machine cutting up more difficult, in the case of ensuring the cutting, the processing accuracy will appear error, so to determine the thickness of the plate factor.

2. The laser output power does not meet the standard. When the metal laser cutting machine is running and debugging, it is necessary to ensure that the laser output power reaches the standard. The higher the output power of the general laser is, the better the quality of the cutting is in the same thickness of the plate.

3. Roughness of cutting plate. In general, the more smooth the surface of the cutting material, the better the quality of cutting, wuhan high energy laser research and development of automatic adjustment height system, can be adjusted according to the different thickness of the material.

4. The focus position is not accurate. If the focus of the laser cutting machine is not aligned, it directly affects the cutting accuracy, so it should be calibrated before running.

5. Processing speed. Cutting speed directly affects machining accuracy. So also before running, to achieve the best cutting speed and material consistency.

Therefore, in order to ensure the processing accuracy of metal laser cutting machine, we must find professional debugging personnel to test before running.


Laser processing replaces the traditional process

The competition of modern enterprises is increasingly reflected in the competition of new technology, new technology and new products. Who can innovate, who can stand out, who can win consumers, seize market opportunities.

The metalworking industry is no exception. Especially in the field of sheet metal cutting, with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, metal cutting products also presents a diversified, high-end development trend, and the traditional cutting process, like a short board, more and more restrict the pace of development of the industry.

The application of laser cutting technology has injected new vitality into the metal processing industry. In modern production, laser with its high precision, fast speed, small heat affected area, low use cost, less maintenance and other prominent advantages, is recognized as the most effective processing means to replace the traditional processing. Compared to the traditional CNC punch, cutting machine does not need to open the mold, no matter how complex graphics, only need to set up in the software, you can immediately cut out the product, cutting effect is better, faster, lower cost.

Laser replacement punch, can be said to be epoch-making progress.

Technical parameters

Laser YAG lamp pumps the laser

Laser power 450W/ 650W/850W

Cutting width 1500mm×3000mm

Drive mode Servo ball screw drive

Focusing mode Follow - on automatic focusing system

Positioning accuracy 0.1mm

Repeat positioning accuracy 0.03mm

Control mode Offline motion control

Supports graphic formats such as PLT, DXF, BMP, and AI

Control software genuine jinyun cutting software

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