How to deal with the hydraulic oil pollution of hydraulic press brake machine?

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How to deal with the hydraulic oil pollution of hydraulic press brake machine?

Hydraulic press brake machine brake system gear oil plays a role in transmission, wear resistance, system software lubrication, corrosion resistance, rust prevention, cooling water and other roles in the hydraulic control system. The application of gear oil belongs to the hydraulic control system of industrial production. The causes of environmental pollution of gear oil are complicated in various fields. Together, the gear oil itself is constantly changing in use. Therefore, the environmental pollution problem of gear oil can not be completely solved.

The serious pollution of lubricating oil will immediately adversely affect the characteristics of the hydraulic control system. What is more terrible is that it will lead to mechanical failure of the brake system, and reduce the service life of the prefabricated components of the hydraulic press brake machine. The actual cause of this risk is the fine particulate matter in the dust, which in the case of the four-column hydraulic press precast increases the damage of the precast dragged by the precast. In addition, it will plug the overflow valve holes, shock absorption holes in hydraulic fittings or valve cores, resulting in four-column hydraulic system errors.

In addition, the mixing of water and steam reduces the lubrication of gear oil and accelerates the diazotization reaction of gear oil, leading to cavitation corrosion. Therefore, the accelerated corrosion of hydraulic accessories can cause vibration, noise and so on in the gear oil system software of the punch press. It is convenient to improve the service life of the electronic components of the hydraulic control system, ensure the reliable operation of the hydraulic control system, and control the environmental pollution of the gear oil within the feasible range.

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One is to prevent pollutants from entering the CNC bending machine, in addition, to remove pollutants that have long entered the system software. In addition, environmental pollution control should be closely around all stages, including hydraulic brake system design concept, production and processing, installation, application, maintenance, maintenance, etc.

The tank of CNC bending machine should be cleaned as far as possible in the process of production and processing. In addition, the hydraulic control system should be cleaned thoroughly after assembly and operation process. Therefore, in the production processing and assembly and test run qualified, we will be in the gear oil before shipping customers to eliminate and in the gear oil. That can ensure that the gear oil in the process of transportation is not easy to leak or environmental pollution. After the machine and equipment are supplied to customers, consumers should be taught to install, add gear oil and run the machine and equipment again.

Do a good job of CNC bending machine maintenance can not only improve the efficiency, and can greatly improve the industrial production of CNC bending machine application period. It is important to prevent safe production accidents, avoid commodity damage and accidental injury. More and more excellent sheet metal parts companies to the concept of equipment maintenance and management of the necessity. In order to ensure a more efficient implementation of the maintenance work of bending machine equipment, people have increased the learning and training range of machine equipment maintenance. Today, people share the common way of maintenance of the folding machine in the first quarter and this year for everyone. We warmly welcome individuals to collect it as a training course, and can also share it to the sheet metal bending workers themselves.

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CNC bending machine CNC lathe cabinet table cleaning to ensure the precision of sheet metal bending (first quarter) : maintain the CNC machine table face to face cleaning, the left and right abrasive disassembly, take cloth to scrub, no oil stains no yellow robe. As shown in the figure, the surface of the lower mold holder should be cleaned without grease and dirt. When the power is off, the exhaust fan of the power distribution cabinet is cleared once, and the dust is eliminated from the inside and outside with the cleaner to maintain the excellent heat dissipation of the heat pipe.


Numerical control bending machine numerical control lathe easy loosening position tightening (a quarter) : a quarter of the numerical control lathe easy moving position to carry out the test, as shown in the figure four lock nut to be firm; Operation steps: the CNC lathe is working for a long time, and the rear stopper synchronous belt sometimes appears lax. After inspection, tighten to maintain the precision of the CNC lathe; Each part of the screw tightening wiring firm.


Fitness position oil feeding (first quarter) : the use of manual butter gun pointing to the oil feeding point to carry out the oil, until the screw nut or slide see the lubrication oil spilt stop, CNC lathe ground wire resistance is less than 1 Ohm; Unscrew the oil plug at the bottom of the automobile oil tank, metabolize the gear oil, clean the automobile oil tank, re-introduce the new gear oil to the 2/3 part of the oil level table according to the air filter of the oil feed port, and make the guide rail slider stop at the upper fixed point.


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