How to distinguish the quality of BS3015D-1500W fiber laser cutting machine

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How to distinguish the quality of BS3015D-1500W fiber laser cutting machine

How to distinguish the quality of BS3015D-1500W fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting '& GT; What is the difference between the good and bad of laser cutting machine? Of course, the optical fiber laser cutting machine repair, a high quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting have a vital role for our processing, first fiber laser cutting machine though, is a new type of cutting machine, but the market has been the circulation of various specifications of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, ma on shan laser cutting machine, different quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine is also different, So how to distinguish the quality of fiber laser cutting machine?

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Fiber laser cutting machine equipment as a new type of tool is more and more mature used in various industries, including fiber laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine and so on. So laser cutting in the end how to use, laser cutting is good or bad and how to distinguish?

First of the laser energy in the form of light is concentrated into a high density of beam, the beam to the work surface, produce enough heat, melt materials, coupled with high pressure gas with beam coaxial direct removal of molten metal, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting, it shows that laser cutting processing has essential difference with the mechanical processing machine tool.

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It is the use of the laser beam is emitted from the laser generator, the light path system, focusing on a high power density laser beam irradiation condition, laser heat absorbed by the workpiece material, workpiece temperature rise sharply, arrived at the boiling point, material vaporization and the beginning of the formation of holes, accompanied by high pressure air flow, with the movement of the relative position between the beam and workpiece, eventually to form material cutting seam. The process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, fiber laser cutting machine price, gas pressure, etc.) and movement trajectory of the slit are controlled by the numerical control system, and the slag at the slit is blown away by the auxiliary gas at a certain pressure.


Generally speaking, laser cutting quality can be measured by the following 6 standards.

1. Cut surface roughness Rz

2. Cut hanging slag size

3. Cut edge perpendicularity and slope U

4. Cut the rounded edge size R

5. Drag amount N after stripe

6. Flatness F

Price of fiber laser cutting machine Price of fiber laser cutting machine price of fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine to avoid cutting discontinuous measures

1. Solve the problem of laser cutting discontinuity to solve the cause of cutting discontinuity, for the cutting discontinuity caused by programming errors requires designers to have high professional quality, in the process of preparing the cutting program to carefully check, to avoid mistakes.

2. For the discontinuity of cutting caused by the replacement of auxiliary gas, after the accumulation of practical experience, when replacing the gas bottle and cutting again, we should reduce the cutting speed to 5% of the normal cutting speed, and press the start button and speed up button to continue cutting.

3. When the laser cutting machine suddenly stops and restarts in the process of work, there will also be discontinuity of the cutting point interface, so in the actual work to strictly follow the instructions, large laser cutting machine manufacturers, to avoid cutting machine stop running due to wrong operation.

Whether carbon steel or stainless steel, titanium alloy materials, through these methods can achieve continuous cutting trajectory, so that the workpiece is fully connected, with high precision and quality.

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