How to effectively avoid the radiation damage of fiber laser cutting machine

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How to effectively avoid the radiation damage of fiber laser cutting machine

Radiation for people, is everywhere, we often use computers, mobile phones, hair dryers and copiers have radiation. Radiation is of a certain size, and proper self-protection measures can prevent radiation from harming yourself. However, xiaobian today is to introduce you about the radiation of fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine brings radiation is not to be underestimated, especially to the human eye can cause fatal damage, so how to protect themselves, avoid fiber laser cutting machine radiation damage?


How does the radiation from fiber laser cutting machine harm the human eye?

Fiber laser cutting machine in the process of processing, the characteristics of the laser emitted, can make the energy in space and time highly concentrated. The energy density on the retina is 104~105 higher than that on the cornea. Laser monochromaticity is good, in the fundus color difference is small. The above characteristics lead to very low laser energy irradiation can cause damage to the cornea or retina. Therefore, xiaobian here warns you, in the fiber laser cutting machine brand normal work, eyes do not look at the laser source.

How to avoid the radiation injury of fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Want to reduce the radiation optical fiber laser cutting machine, so be sure to use the laser protective goggles, its special is in view of the optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment, it can effectively reduce the radiation optical fiber laser cutting machine, so the staff in the use of the time also don't have to worry for this, can be at ease for cutting workpiece; And there are many kinds of laser protection goggles, such as composite, absorption, reflection and diffraction.

2. To reduce the radiation optical fiber laser cutting machine, staff can actually own protection, such as staff eat more food with radiation, in this way can effectively resist radiation optical fiber laser cutting machine, general anti-radiation food have tomato, bean sprouts, carrot, animal liver and lean meat, it is rich in vitamin AC and protein food, So the effect of radiation resistance is very good.

Laser cutting machine is free to design complex graphics for processing, which also leads to the surface complexity between the cutting head and the material collision rate is relatively increased. Once the cutting head is damaged, the whole laser cutting machine will be paralyzed, thus affecting the whole production, resulting in significant economic losses.


To protect the laser head mainly pay attention to two points: one is not covered with dust, do not get dirty, especially do not touch with hands do not touch oil stains; Second, do not vibrate or fall while reading because the distance between the laser head and the disc is small, easy to damage.


Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is damage and slag hanging on the surface of the cutting head, and whether the no-load operation of the cutting head is stable or not. Can also be installed on the surface of the laser cutting head anti-collision protection shell, the implementation of better protection of the laser head.

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