[Science Hall] How to effectively delay the aging and increase service life of laser cutting machine?

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[Science Hall] How to effectively delay the aging and increase service life of laser cutting machine?

1. Regular maintenance of laser cutting machine

The aging speed of the CNC Fiber Laser Cutting machine is related to the intensity of use and the time of use. After continuous high-intensity use, companies should regularly carry out equipment

maintenance. Mainly do the following:

①Clean up the metal debris and dust remaining on the machine tool, gear rack

②Clean the exchange chain guide rail and adjust the exchange chain

③ Periodically replace the cooling water and filter element of the water tank

④Clean the dustproof net of constant temperature air conditioner and water tank

⑤ Arrange the fastening lines

⑥Check whether the automatic pump oil system works normally and whether the oil storage device has enough oil.

⑦Maintain air compressor and drain water daily.

2. Pay attention to the working environment of the laser cutting machine

The use environment is an important factor affecting the aging speed of the laser cutting machine. When the ambient temperature is too high and there is a lot of dust, laser cutting

The important components of the cutting machine, such as lasers, cutting heads and electronic components, are prone to failure, which affects normal production.

Lasers are precision components. The temperature is high in summer and the air humidity is high, which is the season of laser failure. Configure the laser as much as possible

The chassis air conditioner or dehumidifier ensures that the laser is in a relatively stable temperature and humidity environment.

Cutting dust is easy to attach to the equipment. If it is not cleaned in time, the accumulated friction will increase the friction between parts, which will affect the laser cutting

The cutting accuracy of the machine, while accelerating the aging of equipment. The control cabinet should also pay attention to clean up the dust to prevent the static electricity from burning out the power supply.

Similarly, the chiller of the laser cutting machine also needs regular maintenance, to ensure normal operation and provide effective cooling for the fiber laser cutting machine.

The cooling equipment from 500 watts to 12000 watts of laser power basically covers the power range of all mature fiber laser processing equipment. The chiller supports modbus communication

The communication protocol can realize the communication between the laser system and multiple chillers, and can mainly achieve two major functions: monitor the working status of the chiller and modify the chiller

water chiller

The water machine parameters are suitable for and compatible with fiber lasers of various brands at home and abroad. The product has a dual-cycle refrigeration system and uses two independent dual-temperature

Control design, you can manually set the temperature or intelligent temperature control mode. Its products can provide two channels of water cooling to cool the laser and the processing head at the same time, achieving one machine

Dual-use, saving costs for users.

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