How to ensure the mechanical shearing machine and CNC shearing machine to achieve the use of precision?

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How to ensure the mechanical shearing machine and CNC shearing machine to achieve the use of precision?

In order to obtain good use effect, the mechanical shearing machine is mainly configured with veneer finishing area, and as far as possible four people a device configuration. If the mechanical shearing machine is driven by manpower, it is controlled by the foot switch set on the ground, safe operation; The mechanical shearing machine driven by motor is used more in the veneer production line.

Before the use of mechanical shearing machine, the need to grind the shear blade, and the active part of the full lubrication, lubrication parts mainly between the movable knife beam and guide seat, connecting rod, pull rod at both ends of the pin; Between pull rod and eccentric sleeve; Drive motor rear end brake joint, etc.

Mechanical plate shearing machine in the long-term use of the process, its parts may wear or damage, appear various faults. For the occurrence of abnormal or fault, it is necessary to timely analyze the cause, find out the solution and eliminate the fault, so as to restore the normal production.

In addition to mechanical shearing machine, CNC shearing machine is currently more popular equipment, using CNC operating system to achieve full touch screen operation and English menu 3D graphics programming. The shearing machine is equipped with a special hydraulic control system, grating, block multi-axis control, interference compensation device degree, effectively ensure the shear accuracy.

The test proved that the CNC shearing machine can be controlled within 0.01mm accuracy, enough to meet most shearing requirements. But if there is any small fault in the system, it may change the shear accuracy, so it is necessary to use the CNC shear machine correctly.

Maintenance skills of hydraulic plate shears

1, loosen the power supply, the indicator light is on, the motor can not start; The power supply is out of phase, or the main control line is virtual. Check power supply, control line and stop button.

2, the board is thin and thick; The knife is high or low, the knife seam is not consistent with the feeding wheel. Adjust the height of the knife, the knife joint and the hanging wheel.

3, automatic cutting, when into when stop; Corresponding control circuit is virtual connected. Check whether the line is falsely connected.

4, the board before thick thin; Knife low, knife seam too small. Adjust knife height and seam.

5, hit the switch to control the back, the knife can not automatically back off; Travel switch broken or broken and stuck edge. Repair or replace the switch that controls the travel and deal with the problem of the cutters.

6, the thickness of the cross section is not uniform; Blade is not straight, knife gap size is not consistent. Resharpen the knife and adjust the seam.

7, the board is not smooth; The blade is not straight. A knife.

8, the surface is not smooth; The knife is not sharp. A knife.

9, automatic feed; The feed circuit is broken or the fuse is broken. Check and repair the incoming line, replace, check and repair

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