How to ensure the stable operation of Maanshan fiber laser welding machine cutting?

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How to ensure the stable operation of Maanshan fiber laser welding machine cutting?

Maanshan Fiber laser welding machine in the daily work can stable operation is we attach great importance to, so how to ensure the stable operation of fiber laser welding machine cutting?

In fact, the mechanism of increasing the capacitor to make fiber line laser cutting more stable is that the capacitor magnetic induction ring and thick steel plate to be laser cut between two tablets capacitor, capacitor size and the spacing between the two has a certain correlation. In order to better fill the manual adjustment of laser cutting height unstable problem, equipped with imported steering headlamp capacitor height regulator. No matter how thick the laser-cut plate is with capacitor height-steering headlamp laser cutting head, the height remains the same.


Laser cutting head height must be adjusted, cutting gun and cutting product surface spacing decision wound quality and laser cutting efficiency of one of the primary reasons. Fiber optic fiber laser cutting in addition to select the appropriate cutting gun model specifications and standard air pressure main parameters according to the laser cutting condition, the laser cutting head and thick steel plate height must be adjusted according to the laser cutting material thickness, not the same wall thickness of the thick steel plate, the application of different technical parameters. At the same time the cutting gun should be adjusted to the corresponding height.

Laser welding equipment can be generally divided into thermal welding and deep arc welding, the first kind of heat according to the heat conduction to the internal spread of the product workpiece, only in the welding surface caused by melting condition, product workpiece internal are not thoroughly welded, basically does not cause the phenomenon of vaporization, more suitable for low speed thick wall raw materials welding; The latter one not only completely welds through the raw material, but also vaporizes the raw material, producing a lot of plasma. Because of the high heat, the keyhole condition will occur at the front of the solution pool.

Deep arc welding can completely melt through the workpiece, and the electric welding speed is faster, is now widely used laser welding. Laser welding this kind of form is obviously a more convenient way of welding, but in view of the laser involved, many people will consider whether it will harm the body, today and you good talk about how much harm laser welding to the body.

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