How to fold out the radian of CNC PRESS BRAKE MACHINE

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How to fold out the radian of CNC PRESS BRAKE MACHINE

1. The degree of curvature of the CNC PRESS BRAKE MACHINE

In the WE67K CNC PRESS BRAKE MACHINE DA52S , bending accuracy is a parameter that needs to be carefully considered, because it determines which type of bending machine should be used. Generally speaking, if the bending accuracy is required to be ±1°, then it is best to choose a WC67K NC HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE-E200P(X+Y AXIS), because the repeatability of the slider is ±0.0004 inches, which is more accurate. The hand-hole bending machine has a slide block repeatability of ±0.002 inches, and there will be a certain deviation, so it cannot meet the accuracy requirements.

53t press brake

2. Mould

Mold, it is divided into conventional mold and fine grinding mold. For the former, its size deviation is ±0.001 inches, and the total length deviation is not more than 0.005 inches, so it is suitable for manual bending machines. The latter has a size deviation of 0.0004 inches and a total length deviation of not more than ±0.002 inches, so it is suitable for MB8 ELECTRICAL -CNC PRESS BRAKE WITH DA66T 8+1 AXIS (WILA HYDRAULIC CLAMP).

How does the bending machine bend the arc? What does Y stand for?

As far as the WE67K CNC PRESS BRAKE MACHINE DA52S is concerned, this product occupies a place in the product column of the website, so we cannot learn and understand it sloppily, otherwise we will not be able to understand this category of products well. However, in addition to the related knowledge, the related issues should not be ignored, because this part of the content is also quite important, so let's proceed in detail below, hoping to give you some useful and benefit everyone.

Controller 2

If there is no arc knife on the MB8 ELECTRICAL -CNC PRESS BRAKE WITH DA66T 8+1 AXIS, you can use a mold with a small knife edge. First draw the line, and then fold according to the line, so that you can fold the arc. When there is no mold, then it is also possible, just a little more complicated. First, calculate the arc length, chord length, arc height and central angle of the workpiece, and then divide the line according to these data, and control the stroke and pressure at the same time, so that it can be folded from both ends of the arc to the arc height. Thus, an arc is processed.

In sheet metal processing, it is often necessary to calculate a series of angles and radian expansion of the PRESS BRAKE WITH DA66T 8+1 AXIS (WILA HYDRAULIC CLAMP) during bending, and it must be accurately calculated, otherwise the workpiece will have defects. To put it simply, sheet metal bending is to pass the sheet metal through pressure equipment and some special molds to turn the sheet metal of Ang Ping into three-dimensional. This process is called sheet metal bending. Due to the different material, thickness, length and width of the plate, the corresponding mold and WE67K CNC PRESS BRAKE MACHINE DA52S equipment are also different.

Controller 3

Let's take a look at how to calculate the details:

The length of the arc is calculated according to the data, and the length of the arc is calculated according to the length of the neutral layer. It cannot be calculated according to the arc length of the outer or inner mouth. The size will be inaccurate. The neutral layer is the theoretical sheet metal bending process. The length of the layer that neither stretches nor compresses.

Used as the unfolded length, how to use the neutral layer? Sheet metal bending large arc, when the fillet R divided by the sheet metal thickness is equal to 6.5 times, the neutral layer is at the center of the sheet metal thickness. Therefore, the calculation of the sheet metal arc length in the figure below is equal to: 3.14×(20+0.5)/2=32.2, where: 20 is the bending radius and 0.5 is 1/2 the thickness of the sheet metal, why is it divided by 2? Because of the calculation Is the radius, which is equal to the circumference of a half circle, and our bend is 90 degrees, which is equal to the circumference of a 1/4 circle. Other angle calculation formulas can be divided by 180 and then multiplied by the bending angle.


Calculate the number of bending knives, knowing the arc length of the bending arc, you can calculate the number of knives. Generally, if we move 2 mm for each bending, we can calculate 32.2/2=16, and the decimals are rounded off.

Calculating the bending angle, knowing that the bending angle to be completed is 90 degrees, and the number of bending knives is 16 times, it can be calculated that each bending angle is equal to: 90/16=5.63 degrees. Using 180 degrees minus 5.63 degrees, the setting angle of the bending machine is: 180-5.63=174.37 degrees. The number of bending knives above is calculated according to empirical values. If you feel that the bending effect of 2 mm each time is not good, you can modify it to be smaller.

How to adjust the slider of CNC bending machine horizontally?

The CNC bending machine can automatically adjust the level of the slider, including the slider, the hydraulic cylinder that drives the slider, and the controller, sensors set on both sides of the slider, and the position sensor is connected to the controller. The position sensor is a grating ruler, the fixed ruler is connected to the body, and the movable ruler is connected to the slider.

The two sides of the slider can ensure that the level error of the slider is predicted in time and the data is read out, and the power hydraulic cylinder on one or both sides of the slider can be instructed to make minor adjustments in time through the controller to ensure that the readings measured by the grating ruler meet the design Requirements, which can effectively ensure the level of the upper knife edge.


When the slider is tilted as shown in the figure above, Y1 does not move and Y2 can move upwards. How to check the problem?

1. Loosen the guide rail screws on the rear side of the slider a little bit, and apply a little lubricating oil on the guide rail (usually used for the first installation and debugging on the customer site, the slider may be a bit stuck due to the long transit time).

2. If the above method is invalid, you need to check whether the main motor is normal. Start the oil pump first, and then check whether the motor in the electrical box is abnormal. If there is no abnormality, continue to click on the Y-axis to return to the reference point, and when the foot switch is stepped on, check again whether the motor in the electrical box has alarmed (the number on the drive will continue to flash when an alarm occurs). If there is no abnormality twice, the motor is operating normally.

3. Next we need to check whether this problem is because the valve group is not energized. Another worker is required to climb onto the machine to see if the light on the valve block lights up when the Y-axis returns to the reference point. If it does not light up, it means that the valve block is not energized.

4. If the valve group is energized normally, you need to check whether the valve group has pressure. It is necessary to insert a pressure gauge on the valve block to measure the pressure value when the Y axis returns to the reference point.


What happens to the tilt of the slider of the CNC bending machine?

The accuracy of the equipment determines the quality of manufacturing. How to make a reasonable use of the various performances of the CNC bending machine and maintain the accuracy of the machine tool is very important. When a CNC bending machine is in use, the slider will tilt, how should we operate it and restore it to normal use.

If the slider Y1 on the CNC bending machine does not move and Y2 can move upwards, how to lower Y2 unilaterally?

1. To ensure safe operation, first remove the upper and lower molds

2. Click the menu button in the lower right corner to enter the 3 diagnosis page, then enter the 5 test menu, enter the password, and enter the following data

3. Click the green start button

If the slider drops too slowly, you can appropriately change the Y2 axis voltage, but to ensure safe operation, please set it from -1.

In addition to the proper selection of the CNC bending machine itself, some important parts of it must also be adjusted reasonably, such as the CNC bending machine presser foot, which is used to press the steel plate during bending. If its seal leaks, It will result in insufficient pressure of the presser foot, which will cause the steel plate to buckle up, resulting in damage such as shear blade chipping and knife jamming.

The operation and application of the CNC bending machine is as convenient as a single CNC bending machine mold or a single shearing machine. When in use, the moving die clamp is pushed to the corresponding position and can be changed to the bending function of the thin plate bending die or the thick plate bending However, the manufacturing data of the plane bending machine for the bending function of the bending mold has been greatly increased; the mold change of the CNC bending machine is fast and it is very convenient to use.

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