How to improve and increase the efficiency of the bending process (2)

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1-2. What are the contents of the bending process?

For example, today we are traveling from home to a destination. We have to choose the "main content" of transportation, for example, "self-driving car" and "high-speed rail". Then we need to refuel the car before driving or taking the high-speed rail, set up a map of the search destination, and query the high-speed railway line. These are "incidental contents".

     Press Brake process for example

Then let's convert the above "main content" and "incidental contents" into bending processing!

2-%2. Specific classification of "main contents" and "incidental contents" of bending processing

As shown in the following figure, the bending process is divided into 6 major contents. Only item ⑤ is the real bending process, which is the "main content". Several other items are the preparation work before the bending process when the machine is stopped, that is, the "additional content". It should be clear to everyone here that the bending process is almost done with "zero profit" "incidental content", and this "incidental content" will also be affected by environmental factors such as equipment and orders.

       bending process

What are the "incidental contents" of "0 profit" in the actual bending process of our customer's factory next?

2-1, Transportation preparation materials

Before the bending process, there is a process of handling materials. Whether it is using a forklift or manual handling, it needs to be stopped to prepare materials. This will affect the processing efficiency, the more equipment, the greater the impact. If the squad leader or dispatcher prepares the "additional content" such as drawings before the process, it can reduce the equipment preparation time and immediately enter the production state.

      customer bending factory

2-2. How to improve the "handling preparation materials" process?

As just mentioned, the idea of preparing the materials and drawings for processing by the squad leader before bending is ideal, but not every company has a squad leader. The factory orders are particularly large, and they have to be moved back and forth several times a day, so it ’s not that everything is OK if a squad leader goes out.

   process before bending

In order to enable the bending master to perform the "main content" -bending process more "smoothly and quickly", when cutting the material stacking, you can clearly see the order of the products to be processed at a glance, and put the "processing instruction" After placing it with the "drawing", push the material to the next bending process. Try to use a trolley with sliding wheels to reduce the material movement time. In this way, the burden of the bending master can be reduced, and the preparation time for material handling can also be reduced.

3-1. edit processing data

After preparing the materials to be processed, you must hold the drawings and computer in front of the Press Brake before bending. What shape of mold do you want to use? How long should the mold be installed? Where is it installed in the Press Brake? Then enter the data for bending ... and these are essential "incidental contents". And because of the difficulty of the product, the performance of the Press Brake and other factors, the time consumed and the burden imposed on the bending master are different. In short, the two words "trouble"! ! !


      Bending Data

3-2. How to make the troublesome "edit processing data" become a trouble-free point?

As shown in the following figure, DURMAPRESS's NC system for Press Brake covers all the data required for bending processing: can it be bent? Bending sequence, mold information used, mold installation location, machining simulation, precautions during machining, etc. As long as the expansion data is imported, the subsequent program editing will be automatically calculated by DURMAPRESS for you. With this system, the above-mentioned "troubles" can be relieved, which can not only reduce the burden of the bending master, but also reduce the unnecessary "additional content"-editing processing data time.

     cnc Press Brake

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