How to improve the machining efficiency of high-speed CNC power press machine?

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How to improve the machining efficiency of high-speed CNC power press machine?

1. Develop reasonable processing process route, reduce the auxiliary time of high-speed CNC power press machine

In order to improve the production efficiency of CNC lathes, first of all, we must carefully analyze the parts processed by CNC lathes, and make clear the technical requirements of materials, structural characteristics and shape and position tolerance requirements, roughness, heat treatment and other aspects of the parts. Then on this basis, choose reasonable milling processing technology and simple processing route.


Processing technology formulation: usually a component can have different kinds of technological process, the different parts of the process, the production efficiency, processing costs and processing accuracy often have significant difference, so we should be on the premise of guarantee the quality of parts processing, according to the specific conditions of production, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost, work out a reasonable processing technology.

Determination of processing route: correct and concise processing route is the basis for ensuring processing quality and improving efficiency. When selecting the machining route of parts, the principle of determining the machining route must be observed in order to improve the production efficiency. The principle of determining the processing route mainly includes: the processing accuracy and surface roughness of parts should be guaranteed, and the efficiency is high; Should be as far as possible to make the shortest processing route, so as to reduce the program section, but also reduce the tool idle tool time; The numerical calculation should be simple and the number of program sections should be small to reduce the programming workload. In addition, determine the processing route, but also consider the workpiece processing allowance and lathe, tool stiffness, determine is a knife, or multiple knife to complete processing. At the same time, should try to do a clamping, multi-directional processing, a processing forming. In this way, the installation times of the workpiece can be reduced, and the handling and clamping time can be effectively shortened. In this way, the processing efficiency can be effectively improved and the position accuracy of parts can be well guaranteed.


2. Choose the right tool

The selection of cutting tools should consider the processing capacity of CNC lathes, process content, workpiece materials and other factors. The tool chosen by CNC lathe, not only requires high hardness, high wear resistance, enough strength and toughness, high heat resistance and good process, but also requires stable size, easy installation and adjustment. Therefore, new high quality materials should be used to manufacture CNC cutting tools, and optimize the tool parameters, so that the size of the tool and the surface size and shape of the workpiece to be processed. So, how to choose the right cutting tool?


(1) Choose the appropriate tool

The role of metal cutting tool is very important in nc lathe cutting. The materials used to make cutting tools must have high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, sufficient strength and toughness, good thermal conductivity and technology, and have good economy. In the selection of tool process, in the premise of meeting the processing requirements of parts, as far as possible to choose a large diameter tool, its strength and toughness is good; In the same process, the number of selected knives as little as possible to reduce the number of knife change; As far as possible, choose general standard cutting tools, no or less use special non-standard cutting tools.

(2) Reasonably determine the knife point

Tool point is the starting point of the tool's motion relative to the workpiece when machining parts on a CNC lathe. Also called "program starting point" or "end point". The selection of knife point must comply with the following principles: easy to use digital processing and simplified programming; Easy to find on the lathe, easy to check the processing; The processing error caused by small. The position of the knife point can be selected on the workpiece or outside the workpiece (such as fixture or lathe), but it must have a certain size relationship with the positioning datum of the part. The knife point should be selected as far as possible in the design or process of the parts, such as the workpiece with hole positioning, the center of the optional hole as the knife point. The position of the tool is aligned with this hole, so that the "point in place" and "knife point" overlap. In this way, you can better improve the efficiency of the knife, to ensure the quality of processing.


3. Reasonably install and clamp the workpiece to improve the clamping speed

When machining workpiece on CNC lathe, the positioning and installation of workpiece should strive to make the design datum, process datum and programming calculation datum unified; As far as possible to reduce the number of clamping, as far as possible in a positioning clamping, processing all the surface to be processed; In order to give full play to the efficiency of CNC lathes, it avoids using manual adjustment machining schemes.

CNC lathe cutting, the positioning of parts, clamping design and furniture selection and design problems should be considered comprehensively. When designing furniture, the coordinate direction of furniture should be fixed with that of lathe. Secondly, the dimension relation between the parts and the lathe coordinate system should be coordinated. At the same time, consideration should also be given to:

(1) When the production volume of parts is not large, combined fixture, adjustable fixture and universal fixture should be used as far as possible to shorten the production preparation time and save production costs;

(2) in batch production only when considering the use of special fixture, and strive to simple structure;

(3) The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable, so as to shorten the downtime of the lathe;

(4) The parts on the fixture should not interfere with the machining of the surface of the parts by the lathe;

(5) in the selection of tooling should be conducive to tool exchange, to avoid interference collision;

(6) In batch production can also use multiple, multiple fixture, in order to improve processing efficiency.


4. Reasonable choice of cutting dosage, improve the cutting efficiency of machining allowance

Cutting requirements include: spindle speed, cutting depth, feed speed. In the choice of CNC milling machine cutting dosage, if it is rough machining, generally to improve productivity, but also to consider the economy and processing costs, can choose a larger cutting depth and feed speed; In case of semi-finishing and finishing, efficiency, economy and processing cost should be taken into account under the premise of ensuring processing quality; The highest possible feed speed should be set when the tool is in idle motion. The specific value should be based on the lathe instruction, cutting manual, and experience.

5. Implement tool pre-adjustment and automatic Wolf testing, reduce the time of machine adjustment

CNC lathe processing process often use more than a different tool, if the tool can not be adjusted in advance, you need the operator to install each tool on the spindle, slowly determine their accurate length and diameter. Then, manual input is made through the buttons on the CNC control surface. If you use the tool meter, it can accurately measure the diameter and length of the tool, reduce the time taken up by the lathe, improve the first pass rate, greatly improve the production efficiency of CNC milling machine.

6. Flexibly use various auxiliary functions and macro programs of CNC lathes

CNC lathe has the tool radius and length compensation function, by changing the tool compensation method to make up for the tool size error, with the same processing program to achieve layered milling and coarse, fine machining or used to improve the machining accuracy, and can be processed with the same processing program.

The biggest characteristic of using macro program is to express the regular shape or size with the shortest program, and the lathe in the execution of this kind of program, compared with the execution of CAD/CAM software generated program more fast, more rapid response. Macro program can use variables, and to variable assigned value, variables can be calculated between the program can jump, can form modular processing procedures, applications only need to put the parts information, processing parameters input corresponding module call statement, greatly shorten the programming and input time.

CNC lathe also has fixed cycle function, subroutine function, mirror processing function, rotating lamp function, the use of these functions can be removed from the input of the long program, use properly taste can get twice the result with half the effort.

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