How to judge the failure source of shears and the characteristics of QC12Y-6x3200 shearing machine

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How to judge the failure source of shears and the characteristics of QC12Y-6x3200 shearing machine

The trend of hydraulic shearing machine in recent years has been very stable. This is also due to the continuous innovation of shear companies and the maintenance of old customers. Today, I will tell you a few common shears. 


shearing machine 6x3200

It is well known that the downward movement of the hydraulic shearing machineis under pressure, while the downward movement of the bending machine is without pressure, because the downward movement of the shearing machine is pressed down by the nitrogen cylinder, and the return stroke is without pressure, while the bending machine On the contrary, the downward movement depends on the weight of the slider to fill the downward movement. The return movement is to pressure the return.

The following situations are common when the shearing machine cuts the sheet material and the burr and the shearing are constantly occurring:


1. There may be a problem with the material of your shears blade.

2. The blade gap is not adjusted properly.

3. Whether the anti-skid plate is damaged.


The hydraulic valve principle of shearing machine The function of the collecting valve is opposite to that of the diverting valve. It is usually used in combination with an electromagnetic pressure distribution valve, which can be used to remotely control the on and off of the oil, gas, and water pipeline systems of hydropower stations. The diverting and collecting valve has both functions of a diverting valve and a collecting valve. The hydraulic valve of the shearing machine is an automatic component operated by pressure oil, which is often used for clamping, controlling, lubricating and other oil circuits. In this way, after the orifice area is adjusted, the hydraulic valve of the shears is used to reduce and stabilize the oil pressure of a branch in the system, and thus obtain stable operation. The speed control valve can keep the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the throttle valve at a constant value when the load pressure changes. No matter how the load pressure changes, it is controlled by the pressure oil of the pressure valve. And the flow into the collecting valve is distributed proportionally, and the speed control valve produced by Wuxi Shenchong can keep the flow through the throttle valve unchanged, so that the movement speed of the actuator is stable.


Several characteristics of pendulum shears:

1.Is a hydraulic drive, pendulum tool post, the frame is welded solid and durable, and the accumulator oil cylinder used has a smooth and rapid return.

2.Is hydraulic upper transmission type, stable and reliable


3.Is that the rolling support device can reduce the friction while ensuring that the surface of the workpiece is not scratched.

4 .It has the function of stepless adjustment of the stroke. The upper knife has two blades and the lower knife has four blades. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted with a handle, and the blade gap uniformity is easy to adjust.

5.The press plate of the machine tool adopts independent hydraulic press tools, and the end of each press tool has plastic feet.

6.Is an all-steel welded structure, vibration eliminates stress, high strength and good rigidity.

7. Is the numerical control system E20 of the special shearing machine for the back gauge. There is a digital display device for the cutting times.


8 .Is the protective barrier and electrical interlock to ensure safe operation.

9 .Is a hydraulic drive, pendulum-type tool rest, the frame is welded as a whole and durable, and the return stroke of the accumulator cylinder is smooth and rapid.


The CNC shearing machine is a sheet metal processing machine, and the machine will have certain errors. So what causes the error in the sheet metal processing of the CNC shearing machine, and how can the error be reduced as much as possible.

1. The accuracy of the CNC shearing machine machine tool itself: This usually refers to the mechanical accuracy of the cutting, which is the difference between the actual value and the theoretical value. The most direct cause of this difference is the hysteresis, straightness and perpendicularity. The range of the difference should be within 0.005~0.02mm. This value can be measured and adjusted. As far as the current machine tool structure is concerned, it is easy to control this error value below 0.02, but below 0.005 It is very difficult again.

2. Material deformation: As long as you have good operating habits, you need to rehearse after calculation, verify after input, zero calibration before starting work, and check the handwheel scale. I am not mistaken, and the CNC shearing machine is not wrong. You should be fully sure that it is deformed, but the reason for the deformation and the way to overcome it must be carefully considered.

3. Miscalculation: This is a human reason, it can be checked, proved, and can be found early. Early rounding of intermediate calculations, repeated use of an irrational number with insufficient digits (such as multi-tooth shape), confusion between the decimal angle system and the degree, minute and second system, etc.

4. Control error of CNC shearing machine: The frequency of occurrence is extremely small, because the current machine tool control system is well-tested and mature in technology. It will refuse to accept man-made errors, and it can also be checked or reset before processing. The zero-return check of the accumulated error due to multiple rotation and translation can also be found.

Therefore, we must first choose high-quality CNC shears, buy high-quality sheet materials, and select excellent personnel to ensure the machining accuracy of the CNC shears.

The essentials of shearing machine operation:

1. It is forbidden to cut laminated sheets, trim the edges of raw sheets, or cut narrow sheets and short sheets that are not tightly compressed.

2. The gap between the blades should be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet, but it should not be greater than 1/30 of the maximum. The knife plate should be fastened and reliable, and the upper and lower knife plates should be parallel. Manual turning should be used for inspection after adjustment to avoid accidents.

3. The cutting edge of the blade should be sharp, if the cutting edge becomes dull or cracked, it should be changed in time.

4. When cutting, the pressing installation should firmly press the sheet, and it is not allowed to stop cutting when the pressing is not tight.

5. For equipment with hydraulic installation, other hydraulic valves except for throttling are not allowed to be adjusted privately.

6. Regarding the thickness of the cutting sheet of the hydraulic pendulum hydraulic guillotine shear blade.

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