How to judge the processing quality of cnc fiber laser cutting machine cutting all kinds

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How to judge the processing quality of cnc fiber laser cutting machine cutting all kinds

Now in the market there are many cnc fiber laser cutting machine cutting all kinds manufacturers, the production of laser cutting equipment is not the same, from the shape to the equipment, are all very different.Want to buy a good cnc fiber laser cutting machine, how should we choose it?Cut the quality of the goods is the way to check the laser equipment, below, Xiaobian with many years of fiber laser cutting machine

 production experience to introduce to you the discriminant specification of the quality of laser cutting equipment processing.

When we buy laser cutting equipment, we generally pay more attention to its processing quality problems. We want to buy a laser cutting equipment with good processing quality.So how do you judge the processing quality of laser cutting equipment is good?The following Xiaobian to tell you, when buying laser cutting equipment to judge the quality of its processing standards.

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About the majority of laser cutting machine processing, comment on the quality of its processing first includes the following points:

1. Good straightness of the cutting seam and small heat affected area. When the thickness of the processed material exceeds 18mm, the straightness of the cutting edge is very important.As it moves away from the focus, the laser beam diverges and, depending on where the focus is, it cuts and widens toward the top or bottom.Cut the edge against the line of a few millimeters, the more straight the edge, the higher the cut quality;

2. Thermal influence of cutting material, as hot opening processing application equipment, will form thermal influence on material in the process of use, which mainly includes three aspects: A.Heat affected zone;B. Depression and corrosion;C. The heat affected area during material deformation refers to the area heated along the adjacent cutting area during laser cutting.Together, the material's own structure changes.For example, some materials can harden.

3, laser cutting surface lubrication, texture less, no brittle fracture laser cutting plate at high temperature, traces of the molten material will not appear in the straight laser beam below the cut off, but in the laser beam after the partial spray out.As a result, the zigzag texture is formed at the edge of the cut, and the texture closely follows the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, the feed rate is reduced at the end of the cut processing, which can greatly reduce the texture line.

4, narrow kerf width (the first associated with laser beam spot diameter unequivocal, depends on how well the laser tube) notch width generally does not affect the quality of incision, the generalization of parts within the fine, the slit width is important influence, this is due to the slit width resolution in small Canon, when add sheet thickness, cutting width has been added.So you want the same high accuracy, no matter how big the cutting width, the workpiece in the processing area of the laser cutting equipment should be stable;

The heat affected zone refers to the regional change of the internal structure which is changed by high temperature;And depression and corrosion are adverse to the appearance of the cut edge, affecting the appearance.They appear in open errors that should normally be avoided;And then if you cut it and you overheat it, it deforms.

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This is important in finishing, as the outline and connection pieces here are generally only a few tenths of a millimeter wide.Manipulating the laser power and using short laser pulses can reduce heating and prevent deformation.

Visiable a qualified laser cutting equipment to pass the test is not easy, in this prompt buyers, before the purchase of equipment to carefully study the characteristics of processing materials, adjust the parameters of the cut, cut after the completion of the survey of the quality of samples.

The above four aspects can be done that is a qualified laser cutting equipment.Early detailed tasting, for the later processing save a lot of trouble, the buyer should choose laser equipment production factories for equipment purchase, after-sales guarantee and processing training.

Generally reach the above standards, the processing quality of laser cutting equipment is qualified, you can also rest assured to buy laser cutting equipment.

Explain the factors that affect the cutting quality of laser cutting machine

Many people should know that the laser cutting machine cutting quality and cutting effect is not fixed, it will actually change for some reasons, this is why we reflect the laser cutting machine cutting quality uneven reasons.So the cutting quality of laser cutting machine will change because of what factors?

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Image production, this is an important reason for its production, precision, smooth lines without zigzag shape, and in the sheet metal processing material above the typesetting place to use, size just can, the precision of image production affects the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine.

2, the effect is different, according to the material is not the same, respectively set the different use of this kind of material, such as high reflective material and stainless steel, carbon steel this common metal material, fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality is different;Fiber laser cutting machine.

3, is there any reasons for blowing and blowing, when optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting lumber to blow, there are some results can only be to want, lumber at the time of production, there are some not used to, but sometimes it will be on the basis of lumber adjust the blowing case, transferred to want.

4, the reason for the cutting speed, fiber laser cutting machine cutting, some of the material is a little slower, the production situation is good, but there are some on the contrary is need to be faster.

These are the changes that will affect the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine. I hope that after understanding, we can better use the laser cutting machine.

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