How to solve some common problems of CNC turret punch?

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How to solve some common problems of CNC turret punch?

CNC turret punch is a kind of automatic stamping metal plate equipment according to the pre-programmed processing program. Reasonable use method should not only ensure that the qualified parts in line with the design requirements are processed, but also make the CNC turret punch get reasonable application, give full play to its performance. In the process of using CNC turret punch, inevitably there will be some problems. This paper summarizes the processing methods of common problems in the machining process of CNC turret punch.


A, crushed

The causes of crushing are: debris on the feed surface, cutting tool or cutter turret, magnetic cutting tool, unreasonable program layout, unreasonable clearance between the upper and lower die of the tool, tool interference, etc.

Solutions to crush injuries are as follows:

(1) If there are sundries on the surface of incoming materials, clean them with air gun and cloth;

(2) Check whether there are iron debris debris on the tool and the lower mold, clean it with a clean cloth, degaussing the mold, and paste adhesive tape on the tool surface;

(3) According to the thickness of the raw material to choose the appropriate lower die clearance;

(4) The grounding mould and the mould used for a long time need demagnetization;

(5) Reasonable typesetting, choose the most appropriate similar mold when stamping combination mold, mold order should also be reasonable.

Two, scratches and scratches

Causes of scratches include: bad incoming material, scratches, improper placement of personnel, scratches on the mold, etc.


The solution for scratches is:

(1) If there are scratches on the raw material, it can be rejected. If baking and drawing products are to be handled, the location of baking and the severity of scratches must be considered before deciding whether to use baking and drawing products.

(2) When loading and unloading materials, the loading and unloading personnel must lift vertically at the same time, and must wrap the ball of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to friction and drag raw materials during loading.

(3) When placing the product, it is strictly prohibited to drag the product on the cardboard, and there shall be no iron filings and other sundries on the cardboard; The placement should be flat and neat, and the product should not be placed too high.

(4) Adjust the brush in the knife tray. When the lower die of the special forming mold is higher, lift the brush and keep it away from other molds or use loading and unloading methods as far as possible.

(5) program optimization to reduce the resistance of workpiece plate on the cutter head.

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