How to solve the headache of hydraulic bending machinenoise problem?

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How to solve the headache of hydraulic bending machinenoise problem?

According to the hydraulic bending machine  manufacturer medium pressure machine learned that when it comes to noise, this is a headache for us, so how should we reduce the noise of the hydraulic machine? Servo hydraulic press comparing with ordinary hydraulic press, can be concluded that the two kinds of hydraulic press or differences, there are some difference between and the main difference between them, mainly being used on the motor type, the former is the use of servo motor, the latter is the use of ordinary motor, so based on this, the servo hydraulic press is better than the common hydraulic press on energy-saving sex.

300T6000 Press Brake 1

Let's have a look at the central Asia bending machine xiaobian gives a proposition:

First, reduce the noise of the sound source

1. Transformation of production technology and selection of low noise hydraulic press.

2. Improve machining and assembly accuracy to reduce noise caused by mechanical vibration and conflict.

3. For high pressure and high speed airflow, the pressure difference and flow rate should be lowered, or the shape of airflow nozzle should be changed.

upper punch and down die

Two, in the transmission of control

1. Reasonable design in overall layout. In the layout design of the factory and mine, the main noise source workshop or equipment should be far away from the quiet workshop, laboratory, office, etc., or the high-noise equipment should be concentrated as far as possible for easy control.

2. Use additional barriers to prevent the transmission of noise, or use natural terrain such as hills, soil slopes, woods, grass or large buildings or additional structures that are not afraid of noise.

3. Use the directional characteristics of the sound source to control noise. If the pressure cooker exhaust steam, blast furnace ventilation, oxygen machine exhaust outlet toward the wilderness or the sky, in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

Protection of the recipient

1. Personal protection shall be provided to workers, such as wearing noise-proof equipment such as earplugs, earmuffs and helmets.

2. Adopt worker rotation operation to shorten the working time of workers entering high noise environment.

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