How to solve the low temperature phenomenon of 2500mm manual shearing machine and how to control the welding quality of CNC shears blades

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How to solve the low temperature phenomenon of 2500mm manual shearing machine and how to control the welding quality of CNC shears blades

When it was used, it was found that the 2500mm manual shearing machine had a low temperature phenomenon, which reduced the work efficiency. Then what caused this? How to solve it?

Low temperature phenomenon of hydraulic shears: Before operation, the strength and speed of the shearing machine hydraulic were very normal, but after more than one hour of work, it began to slow down and gradually stopped working. After a while, add some heat to continue to run, but the working efficiency of the cnc shearing machine will be much lower. The mechanical aging of the hydraulic shearing machine, with the support of the hydraulic system, the internal temperature rises, but the external temperature is relatively low. After the two are neutralized, the power index of the support coefficient may not be reached, so the shearing machine There will also be some problems.

1.The reason for the low temperature of the hydraulic shear: Although the hydraulic shear is one of the shears, its working strength is greater than that of the ordinary mechanical shears, and it must always maintain a relatively high intensity of work Environment, if heat dissipation cannot be effectively dissipated for some reasons, it will affect the efficiency of work.

2.The main solution: the solution is the troubleshooting of the hydraulic shears. If the external cannot be performed, the problem must be solved from the inside. Check whether the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, as well as the timely replacement and maintenance of hydraulic shear parts. Because a new hydraulic shearing machine can ensure the stability of temperature and power system, and can ensure the stability of the supplied heat.

The items and requirements for welding quality inspection of CNC shears blades are as follows:

1. Check the weld strength: Grind the back of a turning tool with a green silicon carbide grinding wheel and check the thickness of the solder layer. The thickness is required to be below 0.15 mm. There should be no pores and insufficient solder on the bottom surface of the tool tip support. The weld that is not filled with solder should not exceed 10% of the total length of the weld. If there are air holes, the blade will fall off during cutting.

2. Check the position of the blade in the slot: If the blade is misaligned and sag exceeds the technical conditions, it should be welded again.

3. Check the welding strength: use a wooden hammer or a copper hammer to strike the blade with a medium force, or use an I hammer to strike the shank with a strong force. At this time, the blade does not fall off from the slot as qualified. To check the welding strength of the blades, it is not necessary to check them one by one, and spot checks can also be used.

4. Check the flatness of the blade: If there are obvious pits on the blade, it means that the blade is overheated and deformed, and a new blade should be re-welded.

5. Check for cracks: After the blade is cleaned with kerosene, if the blade has cracks, kerosene will penetrate into the cracks and black lines will appear, which can be observed with the naked eye. It can also be observed with a magnifying glass of 10-40 times. To check the blade cracks, you can also use the color flaw detection method: use a solution of 65% kerosene, 30% transformer oil and 5% turpentine, and add a little Sudan red. Put the turning tool blade part in the solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash it with water, apply a layer of white clay (kaolin), and observe the surface after drying. If there are cracks on the blade, the color of the solution will be white clay The upper part is exposed and can be seen with the naked eye.

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