How to solve the problem of adhesion between the coating and the lower die when the mini servo cnc press brake galvanized sheet is bent?

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How to solve the problem of adhesion between the coating and the lower die when the mini servo cnc press brake galvanized sheet is bent?

When using traditional molds to bend hot-dip galvanized or electrolytic galvanized sheet, bending operators will encounter the problem of adhesion between the coating and the lower mold. Often, after more than a dozen bending times, the operation needs to be interrupted to clean up the galvanized layer accumulated on the shoulder of the lower mold, otherwise the bending accuracy may be affected, and the surface of the bending workpiece will be damaged.

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Traditional solutions are as follows:

⑴ Manual cleaning

The most direct way is manual cleaning, such as the use of industrial cleaning cloth cleaning, but this method consumes labor and time, reduce the overall production efficiency, which is also the enterprise does not want to see;

(2) Apply oil or spray

In the bending parts coated with oil or teflon spray can prevent the coating adhesion phenomenon, but in the back of the welding or spraying process before the need to remove the oil or spray, cumbersome and time-consuming, this method is not operational;

(3) film and cloth

Bending film can play a certain protective role, more suitable for the larger shoulder fillet mold, fillet is too small will damage the film and then on the workpiece surface indentation, at this time can be added between the bending part and the mold, but due to the fixed and thickness of the cloth will lead to its practical;

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The next mold special selection

When selecting the next mold, make the rounded corners of the shoulders as large as possible. The larger the rounded corner of the lower die shoulder is, the smaller the indentation generated on the surface of the bending part will be, which can reduce the coating adhesion phenomenon but can not be eliminated.

In conclusion, traditional solutions will reduce the bending efficiency, especially when using robotic bending units, the degree of automation will be greatly reduced, and the loss of bending efficiency will greatly reduce the enterprise's return on investment.

Durmapress efficient solution

As an expert in efficient bending, Durmapress believes that the most effective and efficient way is to use the lower mold with special coating. Durmapress's OZU-Zn series mold can effectively prevent the occurrence of coating adhesion problems.

The OZU-Zn die series of Durmapress is specially developed to solve the adhesion problem. The standard Durmapress die will perform numerical control deep quenching and hardening treatment at the part contacting the bending workpiece, with the hardness up to 56 ~ 60HRC and the depth of hardening layer up to 4 mm, as shown in Figure 1.

A special OzU-Zn coating is applied to the standard die so that the zinc coating on the bending workpiece does not adhere to the lower die. The comparison between OZU-Zn series molds and standard molds is shown in Figure 2. The ozU-Zn mold with black color is ozU-Zn mold.

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Many users who use ozU-Zn mold report that they still do not need to clean the mold after 100000 bending times, which means that the downtime is greatly reduced and the bending efficiency is greatly improved. In general, OZU-Zn series molds have the following advantages:

(1) There is no galvanized layer adhered to the lower mold for a long time, no need to stop cleaning, save time;

The surface damage of the bending workpiece is significantly reduced.

The mold life is longer.

⑷ The mold has a certain corrosion resistance.

When using the robot bending unit to bend galvanized sheet, the efficiency of the effect is more obvious.

Select Durmapress ozU-Zn lower mold bending galvanized sheet with special coating, can significantly improve the bending efficiency, so as to bring you a more reliable return on investment -- efficient bending, the preferred Durmapress.


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