How to solve the problem of dislocation of the upper and lower turntable of CNC turret punch

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How to solve the problem of dislocation of the upper and lower turntable of CNC turret punch

The rotary table of CNC turret punch is the core component of the punch. The rotary table produces rotary vibration and longitudinal vibration under the action of the periodic force of rotation and blanking. Unbalanced inertia force of large rotating castings is the fundamental cause of vibration of rotating machinery. If there is eccentric mass and position error of turntable (caused by uneven material, machining error, assembly error, etc.), centrifugal inertia force will inevitably be generated. When rotation speed reaches a certain value, make the wheel rotating vibration due to the wheel up and down not on the same axis, two rotary eccentric mass and position is different, so when the turntable rotate at the same time, due to the vibration of the rotary table, up and down in the dial of the punch and the die wheel under the not very good, the serious influence the precision of blanking, stretching.


In the process of our production, there will be a dislocation of the upper and lower turntable of the turret punch, and the general dislocation of the turntable is not enough air pressure, caused by the mold with material. Under normal conditions, the lower turret bolt can be inserted, while the upper turret bolt may not be inserted. How do you solve this problem? (pin refers to the positioning pin used for the positioning of turret punch), then close the power switch of turret punch, find the solenoid valve that controls the positioning pin of the turntable, press the button on the solenoid valve, and let the pin in and out (press the button on the solenoid valve to see whether the pin is moving, you can find it). Loosen the chain gear that the turntable rotates, loosen the chain gear tightening sleeve, turn the turntable by hand, turn the position that the upper bolt can be inserted, press the button on the air valve by hand, and ensure that the turntable positioning pin is normally inserted into the pin hole. When keeping the bolt inserted into the positioning pin hole (the button on the solenoid valve can be rotated and locked, and the button on the air valve can be loosened after adjustment, so that it can return to the original free state), so that the tightness of both sides of the chain is basically the same, the locking chain teeth rise tight sleeve.


Adjustment method of turret punch gear rise sleeve:

First loosen all screws on the gear of the upper turntable, and then lock the top and exit holes (three) with screws. After lifting out the sleeve, the gear will be loosened and in free operation state. At this time, turn the upper turntable by hand.

Locking method:

First unscrew the jacking sleeve. Then evenly and symmetrically lock all the loose locking screws on the gear. After the operation of the above steps, press the button on the solenoid valve by hand several times to confirm that the positioning pin of the turret punch can be in and out normally and re-energized to normal production.

CNC turret punch has a lot of advantages, such as CNC punch above the wheel, can be placed a number of molds, so that it can achieve a variety of holes on a plate without replacing the mold; The mold can automatically change the direction, the realization of a plate in the same hole type of different directions of the hole, so that it makes more convenient when punching; CNC turret punch bed is longer than the same industry production, the spacing of the slider is larger than all manufacturers in Qingdao, slide plate and dovetail groove are integrated, which increases the stability and accuracy of CNC turret punch.

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