How to use air compressor to laser cutting machine better

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How to use air compressor to laser cutting machine better

Air compressor as an important supporting equipment of fiber laser cutting machine, how to use the laser cutting machine better? This problem is also a lot of customers concerned about the topic, is also a lot of users worry about the problem. Fast laser laser class today to explain how to use air compressor to laser cutting machine better.

First in the fiber laser cutting machine using laser cutting workpiece, compressed air quality, workpiece material quality, laser cutting equipment performance and quality all affect the cutting accuracy and surface quality. If the processing workpiece profile quality is poor, there are cracks, sand, pores and other defects, will also greatly improve the final forming parts rejection rate, at this time if if the quality of laser cutting equipment is not qualified, rejection rate increased, and will have a certain impact on the stability of the overall production.

Influence of air compressor failure on fiber laser cutting machine equipment:

(1) Insufficient air outlet pressure: the cutting effect of the equipment is poor, the cylinder of the equipment cannot be opened normally, and the work table cannot be normally exchanged.

(2) High oil and water content of outlet gas: pollution of auxiliary gas path, pollution of proportional valve, pollution of cutting head lens and ultimately lead to poor cutting effect.

Notes for use of air compressor:

(1) Exhaust and drain the gas storage tank manually before starting the machine every day;

(2) Start the cold dryer for 3 minutes → start the compressor until the pressure in the pipeline is greater than 0.5mpa → start the adsorption dryer;

(3) When it is shut down, it is necessary to ensure that the pipeline pressure is greater than 0.5mpa before the adsorption test dryer can be shut down;

(4) Pay attention to the normal start and stop of the compressor fan and the normal temperature;

(5) Please maintain the air compressor regularly in strict accordance with the air compressor maintenance regulations.

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