How to use CNC bending machine (bending sequence formula and matters needing attention)

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 How to use CNC bending machine (bending sequence formula and matters needing attention)

How to use CNC bending machine? Novice learn to bend how to read drawings? About the use of the bending machine, many users looking to bending machine specification also don't see things, although some drawings will be the use of the detailed explanation is very detailed, but many novice will still face don't understand, bad operation problem, so today we share with you the content of the some of the use of the CNC bending machine, easy to understand.

How to use press brake machine bending?

1. Switch on the power supply

Before using the bending machine, we need to manually switch on the power supply. The specific operation is to turn on the power switch on the control panel of the bending machine, and then start the oil pump. When the oil pump is successfully started, we will hear the sound of the oil pump turning.

 53t press brake

2. Test trip

When bending machine can normal boot after we need to be folded in half bending machine for testing, to ensure that it can work normally, this step is called a stroke control, specific operation for test in die down to the bottom to ensure the periods of a plate thickness and because it can ensure that won't folded bending machine mold damage, prolong the life cycle. It should be noted that the travel adjustment is divided into automatic adjustment and manual adjustment, users can choose according to their own behavior habits;


3. Determine the size of the notch

After the test adjustment is completed, the user needs to choose the size of the bending slot, according to the cutting standard of the plate to determine, under normal circumstances can choose 8-10 times the width of the plate thickness of the slot, there are slightly different between different machines. For example, to bend 5mm sheet, then you need 40mm or 50mm size notch;


4. Adjust the rear stopper of the bending machine

The specific operation is to confirm whether the mold and program data are consistent, and whether the bending product data and size are unified;

 CT 12 PRESS 5

5, tread can be bent sheet

After the plate is placed, the bending machine can begin to bend the product. If you need to stop bending, you only need to tread the bending machine again.


2. Numerical control bending machine bending sequence formula and matters needing attention in use

When using the bending machine, if we can not remember the use of the program, then might as well remember these tips: a power test three size four back gear five steps, very simple, catchy. In addition, when using the bending machine, we must pay attention to the following points, so as to ensure the production safety of users and enterprises:


1. Users must comply with the operation specifications of CNC bending machine and wear protective clothing in accordance with the regulations;

2. Before using the bending machine, it is necessary to carefully check the power supply of the bending machine and whether the equipment is different;

3, before bending to ensure that the CNC bending machine parts in the normal position and keep the bending machine idling running for about 2 minutes;

4, product bending in strict accordance with the use of specifications for the conveying of sheet; 

5. After use, the bending machine needs to be checked, maintained and maintained;


Summary: how to use CNC bending machine? The above is the basic use of the operation method and the use of order formula, I hope to be able to help the needs of users. Finally, we must remind you: the use of bending machine must be strictly in accordance with the operation of the use of process specifications for bending products, so as to ensure the service life of the bending machine and save a lot of unnecessary operating costs for enterprises, of course, more important is to ensure the safety of the user's own production.



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