Hydraulic metal shearing machine is used in medicine

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Hydraulic metal shearing machine is used in medicine

In recent years, Hydraulic metal shearing machine  has been widely used in the industrial field, and gradually popularized in the medical field. This paper briefly introduces the relationship between fiber laser cutting machine and medicine.

Fiber laser cutting and medicine, fiber laser cutting machine is doped with the fiber itself as the working matter, and the fiber laser cutting machine itself and play the role of guiding wave solid laser. It is composed of three basic parts: working material, resonant cavity and pump source.


The fiber laser cutting machine was invented by Elias Snitzer in 1963. It took almost two decades of development before it was finally put into commercial use. In the early days, single-mode diode lasers were used to pump and radiated only tens of milliwatts. But they are still attractive to users because of their high gain, which allows many rare earth ions to operate continuously in a single mode, something that crystal lasers cannot do. The leap to watt-level output was made in 1990, when an erbium-doped fiber laser was reported with output power as high as 4W1. This development laid the foundation for the 10W and higher single-mode power fiber lasers we see today.


"For surgical applications, it is important that the laser is compact, with minimal maintenance and high efficiency," says Stuart Jackson of the Fibre Optic Technology Centre (OFTC) at the University of Sydney, Australia. The high efficiency and good thermal properties of fiber lasers make them particularly suitable for surgical applications. Because they are pumped with diodes, they are also compact. Fiber shape is superior to bulk material solid lasers because it alleviates the need for additional transmission fibers, thus reducing costs and system complexity."


In fiber laser cutting machine, the fiber itself plays the role of resonator. These devices typically consist of a single-mode fiber core doped with erbium, ytterbium (or a combination of them), or rare earth elements. The energy from the solid light source is coupled to the cladding of the fiber, which then enters the core and pumps the doped atoms. In the medical field, the most needed wavelengths are: 1.3μm band for imaging, 1.5μm(absorption peak of water)-4μm band for surgery, power range from a few milliwatts to more than 100W.

Tube cutter

"Any biomedical application that uses CW lasers, especially high-power CW lasers, could benefit from fiber laser cutting machines," Jackson said. The advantages of higher efficiency, wider tuning range, and better beam quality within the whole output power range provided by the fiber laser cutting machine are particularly outstanding; So that the scope of application of fiber laser in medicine is expanding.

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