Hydraulic plate bending machine system movement flow

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Hydraulic plate bending machine system movement flow

In the operation of hydraulic plate bending machine, I believe that many friends are curious about its bending operation in the end to carry out the specific operation of the movement process, in fact, its internal movement process is mainly divided into oil pump start, downward movement, bending, decompression and so on. To give you a detailed introduction of the hydraulic plate bending machine hydraulic system of the movement process, as well as the safety guidelines for operating it, interested friends can have a look!

Motion technology of hydraulic plate bending machine hydraulic system:

For each bending action, the typical bending process cycle stage of the hydraulic plate bending machine bending beam includes:

E200P Controller

1. Start the oil pump

The motor rotates according to the direction marked by the pump arrow, that is, clockwise, to drive the axial piston pump to operate. The oil enters the valve plate and the electromagnetic relief valve through the pipeline and returns to the oil tank. When the no. 19 valve is closed, the oil in the lower cavity of the No. 20 oil cylinder keeps the slider at a fixed position.

2. Downward movement

Hydraulic plate bending machine fast downward movement through the bending machine beam and the weight of the accessories and the pressure of oil movement. In this process, the rodless chamber of the hydraulic cylinder enters the oil through the liquid charging valve, and the rod-filled chamber will produce back pressure, and the oil quickly returns. The fast forward motion starts from the top dead center, and after a short deceleration phase, the slider slows down a certain distance from the bending plate.

fast clamp

3, bending

The bending phase begins with pressure building in the rodless cavity. On the one hand, the bending speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump, on the other hand, it can be adjusted by the proportional valve direction valve. At the same time, the directional valve also controls the synchronous operation of the bending beam and the positioning of the lower dead center. The bending force is limited by the proportional relief valve to limit the pump pressure to complete. The corresponding given values for speed, synchronization, positioning, and pressure are derived from the nc.

4, decompression

The decompression of the rodless cavity is initiated when it reaches the bottom dead center, or after a brief period of holding time, which allows sufficient time for the material to take shape and further improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Pressure and decompression by the proportional direction valve according to the instructions of the NUMERICAL control device to complete. In order to improve the processing efficiency, it is necessary to make the decompression time as short as possible, but in order to avoid the unloading shock in the whole system, it is required to extend the pressure relief time as far as possible.

Safety criteria for hydraulic plate bending machine operation:

press brake e

In the operation of hydraulic plate bending machine, not only in accordance with the correct method of operation, but also need to comply with the safety guidelines, let's take a look at the small series of introduction:

1. When operating, do not talk with others, be highly concentrated, and prevent people unrelated to work from entering the work area. Visitors shall not enter the white line without permission.

2. After the machine tool of hydraulic plate bending machine is started, any part of the human body shall not enter between the upper and lower die of the machine tool.

3, bending work, hands to wear gloves, but in the bending small work do not wear gloves. When bending work, hold the workpiece, do not push the work, the center of gravity should be stable.

4. When the larger workpiece is bent, the bending speed should be adjusted slowly, and any part of the operator's body should not exceed the bending motion range of the workpiece.

5, in case of emergency, immediately press the emergency stop button. The same machine tool, not a few different height of the knife die. The machine tool should not be maintained while it is in use.

6. When adjusting or replacing the mold, if you want to put your hand between the upper and lower molds, you must first press the emergency button or close the oil pressure motor, then install the mold, and then install the lower mold.

The above is to introduce to you about the hydraulic plate bending machine hydraulic system of the movement process, and the safety guidelines for operation, if you want to further understand, you can come to consult us at any time!


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