Hydraulic plate shearing machine is a kind of precise shearing equipment controlled by computer

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Hydraulic plate shearing machine is a kind of precise shearing equipment controlled by computer

Hydraulic plate shearing machine is a kind of efficient and precise plate shearing equipment controlled by computer, it is widely used in electrical switch, mechanical and electronic, instrument electricity meter, computer, textile machinery, office machinery and other industries, is the forging machinery industry in the numerical control speed of the rapid development of products. Can accurately control the rear stopper stroke, shear stroke, shear Angle, upper and lower blade clearance, workpiece counting and different working steps of the automatic.

The main structure and points of the hydraulic shearing machine:

1. The frame is made of steel structure, and the left and right vertical plates, worktable and press plate are welded into an integral structure. After welding, the internal stress is eliminated by tempering, so the overall rigidity is good and the stability is high.


2. The tool rest is made of steel structure. Under the thrust of the oil cylinders on both sides, it can swing around the fixed pin shaft to complete the shearing action without the guide rail system. At the end of the shearing, under the action of the return cylinder, the tool carrier can return quickly and automatically. With a quick adjustment of blade clearance mechanism, the scale value is displayed on the dial.

3. The rear stopper is installed on the tool rest and moves with the tool rest. Keep-off distance adjustment, driven by a motor through a transmission shaft and a pair of vice drive sprocket, were about to passed to the screw, driven gear rack move along the guide bar, button box button on the panel in front of the machine has two button operation, respectively, coarse adjustment after the forward button, press and hold the button after the keep-off do fast forward and backward movement. There is an adjustment handwheel on the button box to fine-tune the stroke and a mechanical digital display meter on the button box to show the distance of the rear stopper.

4. The hydraulic system is installed on the end face of the oil tank, and the oil tank is fixed on the beam of the frame, which is convenient to clean and disassemble. The pressure of the system is supplied by the oil pump. Under the control of the electric hydraulic system, each valve can realize the sequential action of the pressing foot and the downward shearing of the tool rest and other action specifications.

5. The material pressing device is mainly composed of a set of material pressing cylinders. Before the tool rest goes down, the piston of the material pressing cylinder overcomes the action of the spring to press the sheet material, and after the shear, it is reset under the action of the spring. Equipped with protective grating, play a role of safety protection.


CNC shearing machine can be two or more than two movement of displacement and speed of the connected control, so that the composition of the plane or space of the movement track can satisfy the general needs of parts. It can not only control the starting and ending coordinates of the moving parts of the machine tool, but also control the speed and displacement of the whole process to summarize each point, and process the workpiece into the general shape of the demand. The layout of the general control system is more chaotic than that of the point/line control system. In the processing process, continuous interpolation operation is required, and then the corresponding speed and displacement control is carried out. Now the control function of computer numerical control equipment is completed by software, adding a general control function will not increase the cost of machinery.

Classification of CNC plate shearing machine according to the movement trajectory:

A point CNC shearing machine. The moving parts of the machine tool can only complete the accurate positioning from one orientation to another, and no processing is carried out in the process of moving and positioning. The machine tool numerical control system only controls the coordinate value at the end of the trip, and does not control the movement track between the points, so the movement between several coordinate axes has no contact. Several coordinates can move to the target point together, or each coordinate can move in sequence alone.

Two, linear numerical control shearing machine. The tool or worktable can be controlled to move and cut in a straight line along the direction parallel to the coordinate axis at the appropriate feed speed, and the feed speed can be changed within a certain range according to the cutting conditions. Linear control of the simple CNC lathe, as long as two axes, can be processed ladder axis. Linear control CNC milling machine, has three axes, can be used for plane milling processing. Modern modular machine tools use CNC feed servo system, drive the power head with a multi-axle box axial feed for drilling and boring processing, it can also be a straight line control CNC machine tools.


CNC shearing machine operator in each shift after the end of processing, should clean up the scattered in the table before and after the edge of the leftover material; Before the end of the work, should return to the origin after the shutdown; Check and confirm whether the oil volume and nitrogen gas volume of each lubricating oil tank meet the requirements. Each manual refueling point, refueling according to the regulations; Check whether there is any lubricating oil on the surface of the machine guide rail and lead screw to keep it well lubricated; Check and confirm the hydraulic operation; Observe the shearing situation at any time during the work, and press the emergency stop button immediately if there is any abnormality; If you leave the machine for a long time to turn off the power, in case of non-professional operation.


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