hydraulic punching and shearing machine overflow valve plays a role

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hydraulic punching and shearing machine overflow valve plays a role

What causes the vibration of the relief valve of the hydraulic hydraulic punching and shearing machine?

When the hydraulic plate shears are in operation, it is normal for the relief valve to vibrate. But if the vibration exceeds a certain range, it is not normal. At this time, it needs to be repaired.

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1. Vibration caused by insufficient oil in the oil tank of hydraulic punching and shearing machine. The oil filter or suction pipe cleavage is exposed on the oil surface, the air will enter and then turn to the pilot valve chamber, the repeated phenomenon of pressure regulation, the pressure gauge pointer jitter, vibration and large noise phenomenon.

2, hydraulic plate shears return pipe connection is not reasonable will also produce vibration. This is because the flow area of the return pipe is too small, it exceeds the allowable value of back pressure and the flow velocity of the return pipe is too large, which will certainly bring some influence to the relief valve in the form of vibration and noise.

3, hydraulic plate shearing machine in the multistage pressure control loop and unloading loop, the pressure suddenly transition from high pressure to low pressure moment often produce impact sound, the more high pressure and large capacity of the working conditions of the impact noise will be greater. The sudden change of pressure and the rapid change of flow rate cause the shock pressure wave. The shock pressure wave itself is not very loud, but with the oil transferred to the plate shear system, if it resonates with any mechanical part, it may increase the vibration and enhance the noise.

4. Because of small pipe diameter, low flow rate and high pressure, the main valve and pilot valve are prone to mechanical high-frequency vibration sound, which is generally called self-excited vibration sound. If the pipe diameter of the hydraulic plate shear is not reasonable, of course, this phenomenon will occur, and it will also make the relief valve vibration.

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Numerical control shears in the actual use of the process, there will always be some faults, the following talk about different types of shears will appear some problems:

1. Send the power supply, the indicator light is on, and the motor cannot start. Phase loss of power supply or virtual connection of main control line. Repair the power supply and control line and the general stop button.

2. Thin and thick skin.

3. Automatically feed when normal rotary cutting, and stop when entering.

(1) The feed circuit is virtual;

(2) Electromagnetic clutch sheet slip, the knife is too high.

(3) check whether the feed line is virtual;

(4) Clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel oil and adjust the knife height.

4. The skin is thick in front and thin in back. The knife is low, the seam is too small.

5. The knife does not automatically return when it hits the reverse stroke switch.

6. When the knife is automatically returned, the travel switch does not stop after hitting, and the total stop button does not work.

7. The thickness of the cross section of the skin is not uniform.

8. The skin doesn't connect.

9. Blow the shaft on a thin wood shaft.

10. The log shaft turns and stops.

11. The skin is not smooth.

12. The board surface is not smooth.

Hydraulic plate shearing pump can not start the reason:

(1) The start, stop or emergency stop button of the oil pump of hydraulic plate shears is damaged;

(2) Overload protection thermal relay is damaged;

(3) Hydraulic shear AC contactor coil is open or damaged;

(4) the wire end of the three-wire AC circuit is loose or damaged;

(5) Hydraulic shearer oil pump motor damage or loose connection head off.


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