Hydraulic Shearing Machine For Cyprus

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Hydraulic Shearing Machine For Cyprus

To Cyprus-QC12Y-6*4000 Hydraulic Shearing Machine E21S NC Controller 

Machine List :

QC12Y- 6* 4000 Hydraulic Shearing Machine 

Controller : E21S NC Controller 

Steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return

Easy operation, reliable performance, beautiful appearance

The blade gap adjustment has a sign indication, the stepless adjustment is light and rapid

It has a light alignment device and can adjust the stroke of the top blade holder steplessly.

With hydraulic and electrical overload protection

Rolling material support ball will reduce the scratch and frictions as well

Adopt safety protection fence for the safety of workers

Straightness: ±0.10mm for 3m plate cutting

50% faster than others (30 times/min for our 4x2500 shear while others is only 12 times/min)

Blade material:6CrW2Si

Heat treatment: 55°-60°HB

Low noise (70bd), gear pump drive by hydraulic

Shipping Data :

Packing Way : 1* 20GP 

ETD : 8th , June 2020 

ETA : 22th , July 2020 




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