If the shearing machine around the condition temperature is high to make the fragmentary and external cut off

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If the shearing machine around the condition temperature is high to make the fragmentary and external cut off

Probably have shear machine use experience should know, cut the trigger baffle is generally divided into front partition,

after partition and Angle partition, however, to mobilize the department baffle has also become a headache for many users, 

because of this situation, the author still told himself how to mobilize the department baffle.


For all the form, the world strong bending machine related personnel is so thought, such as:

1, the front partition of the mobilization of the first to the back partition close to the knife edge, and then the example close to the back partition, followed by the front partition close to the example and flow, initially grasp the back partition, remove the example, loaded with sheet material, stop cutting;

2, the transfer of the rear partition shall take the lead to the model topping for the same knife edge, and then the rear partition close to the example and flow, remove the example, and then load the plate to stop cutting; Introduction to browse: comprehensive machine for the advantages and disadvantages of the roll machine


3, the mobilization of the Angle partition board is that way, the first example is put on the table and for the horizontal cutting edge, the Angle partition board and the flow, and then according to the example after the partition board, shearing process simultaneous application of the Angle partition board and after the partition board to locate. The hydraulic fragmentation measurement of plate shearer should be strictly controlled within the range of 20-60℃, the highest is not beyond 70℃, and the icing device should be installed when excess.

Plate shears hydraulic spare high temperature through, will make up a series of before there is no good for heat dissipation is not good, fragmentary unloading loop move is not good, the reversing and schedule for pick up when the charge, major, oil leaked into the atmosphere or moisture, viscosity is too big that the misuse of hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil bigger reason can make hydraulic spare measure to reduce. In order to prevent the shear machine hydraulic fragmentary temperature over high we take the following measures :(1) imagine the remaining size of the tank, extra when the icing device, if the shear machine around the condition of temperature over high to make fragmentary and external cut off;

(2) when the low-pressure oil spills back to the tank from the relief valve in a short time without need, the idea should be improved and variable pump or perhaps accurate unloading form should be adopted;


(3) excessive extension of the pipeline, should not be too long, winding, excessive sluggish smooth oil;

(4) The central leakage of the hydraulic pump and its connection should enhance the seal, tighten the connection, so as not to form a volume loss and fever; (5) When the setting value of the pressure regulating valve is high, it is best to increase the task pressure to reduce the unnecessary energy consumption;

(6) Choose hydraulic oil suitable for viscosity. The reduction of hydraulic fragmentary measurement should cause the rest of the attention, because the oil temperature is too high, oil viscosity fall, resulting in increased leakage, thereby increasing the volume frequency, and even the abnormal activities of the reaction shearer task organization. High oil temperature will also make the oil metamorphosis, oxidation spirit, blocking hydraulic parts small holes or gaps, so that the parts have no other task. Excessive oil temperature can cause thermal deformation of the tool or machine, destroying its original precision.

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