If using the new CNC bending machine

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 If using the new CNC bending machine

If the user uses the new CNC bending machine, all aspects of the standard CNC hydraulic bending machine is very good. When the new mold is used to bend the sheet metal parts on the bending machine, the parts also meet the requirements of the drawings. But after a period of production, it will be found that the workpiece of the same mold bending does not meet the requirements of the drawing. Why is this?

Cause analysis: upper die wear

The upper bending die is usually a die. A universal bending die can meet the bending requirements of a range of sheet metal parts. In addition, the upper die is often used. In other words, we have less upper die replacement of metal stamping machinery. Based on surveys and visits with customers who use CNC bending machines, some small factories produce a single piece, so they never change the die on the bending machine.

In addition, the general upper bending die R Angle is small, generally less than R0.5mm. In bending, the pressure is concentrated at the upper die Angle R. There's a lot of stress at Angle R. Therefore, Jiaxing hydraulic bending machine, the upper bending die is easy to wear.

Upper die wear causes R Angle to increase

mechanical crowning

In the calculation of a series of workpiece data, the R Angle of bending is one of the factors affecting the workpiece expansion coefficient. Therefore, users often complain about CNC bending machine after long-term use, hydraulic CNC bending machine, bending machine production of workpiece size increases. In this case, in fact, the problem is not the manufacturer's responsibility, it is due to the customer's natural wear and tear or improper use.

Bending is the metal plate through the pressure equipment and special mold, the plane of the plate into a three-dimensional processing process known as bending. Sheet metal processing is more used or bending machine, bending machine maintenance is very important. Let's see if you have done the right thing in the use and maintenance of the bending machine.

300T Press Brake

Sheet metal bending machine daily maintenance

1. It is recommended to maintain and overhaul the bending machine. The staff need to have certain experience in digital display of hydraulic bending machine, and carefully read the operation manual of the bending machine needed to overhaul.

2, it is recommended that the bending machine manufacturer overhaul the machine tool

3. The machine operator needs to check the machine every day to avoid oil leakage or partial loosening of the machine

Maintenance of sheet metal bending machine parts

1, need to check once a week guide rail, remember to oil

2, the rear stopper also needs oil

3. Check the tightness of the transmission belt

4, clean the dashboard, check the driver part

5. Clean the mold and check whether it is damaged

300T6000 Press Brake 1

The electro-hydraulic bending machine is installed in the hydraulic valve table near the experimental mechanism of the hydraulic press hydraulic trivials, which can greatly expand the total length of the hydraulic pipeline, so as to reduce the number of pipe exploration. Greatly reduces the number of tubing discussions and flanges. Stack, cartridge and plate valves are commonly used in planning. One of the ineffective measures to guard against leakage is the use of integrated block combination to reduce the point of departure. The hydraulic system should be open to external vibration sources. Pipes should be equipped with pipe clamps. Pump sources can be dampers, high pressure hoses, compensating nozzles or pulsating manifoles to counteract pressure pulsation and reduce vibration.

The hydraulic valve table installed in the hydraulic system near the actuator greatly reduces the total length of the hydraulic pipeline and the number of fittings. Therefore, under working conditions, or greatly reduce the total length of the hydraulic line with the number of tubes discussed. Hydraulic attack is usually caused by rapid reversing.

Electro-hydraulic bending machine adopts clearance sealing motion pair. Machining precision and fit clearance should be strictly controlled to improve the sealing arrangement. For example, the "V" type seal on the piston rod is changed into "Y" type seal ring, small manual hydraulic bending machine, which not only has low power and is sealed. Reliable. At the same time, current inspection, regular maintenance and timely action is to guard against leakage and cut dissuade the fundamental guarantee.

Hydraulic and mechanical vibration of electro-hydraulic bending machine directly or indirectly affect trivial, resulting in loose connections and exposure.


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