Influence of high temperature on metal NC laser cutting machine

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Influence of high temperature on metal NC laser cutting machine

Metal CNC laser cutting machine is to use laser technology to realize the transformation of metal equipment, often use CNC metal laser cutting machine of relevant personnel should know, its effect is influenced by many factors, such as common temperature, to explain in detail the temperature effect on the metal laser cutting machine performance in what way

Generally speaking, the main key component of NUMERICAL control is numerical control system, its working environment is generally in -5 degrees to +70 degrees this, in this temperature range, high temperature than low temperature on the metal laser cutting machine by the influence of small, the temperature is too low, can lead to the gas pipe and cable easily broken, by leakage and poor solution and other faults!

For CNC metal laser cutting machine motor, the impact is not big, because metal laser cutting machine rarely use liquid lubricating oil, so will not produce freezing site, this everyone rest assured! Anyway, if there are conditions or to ensure that the workshop temperature above 0 degrees is better, should not be too low, long-term low-temperature state of work, easy to cause mechanical wear too large, premature aging!


In the use of metal laser cutting machine when the temperature should not be too high, will affect the control of numerical control system, built in the crash, slow reaction and other problems, so, in the appropriate temperature using metal laser cutting machine is very necessary.

Want to make CNC metal laser cutting machine to play a normal effect, maintain the appropriate temperature is very important, it will also prolong the service life of metal laser cutting machine, so, the operator must cause enough attention in this respect.

Recently, CNC laser cutting machine is developing to a high degree of automation and intelligence. CAD/CAPP/CAM and artificial intelligence applied to laser cutting, highly automated multi-functional laser processing system is an obvious trend in the optical manufacturing market.

In order to make the laser more extensive and more efficient in the steel plate blanking production to play an advantage, the current laser cutting machine mainly has the following development trend.

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(1) in laser cutting steel sheet blanking process parameters under the premise of constantly improve, laser cutting steel plate on the transformation of NC code more quickly, high efficiency, better able to better handle through cutting programming cutting process itself exists defects caused by the cutting quality problem, make the artifacts from product design to manufacture more systematic, WanShanHua and efficient.

(2) to the development of multi-functional laser processing center, expand the scope of laser use, shape cutting, groove processing, welding and other processes after the quality information integration, give full play to the overall advantages of laser processing.

(3) in intelligent research, further combine the laser with computer numerical control technology, advanced optical system and high precision and automatic T positioning, automatic discharge, cutting process database, remote diagnosis, remote control integration, and constantly improve the degree of automation of laser cutting.

Since the end of the 1970s, in the field of thin plate cutting, laser processing methods began to popularize, now, CNC laser cutting machine both CNC series of convenient operation, and with high efficiency and precision laser processing, has been widely used in all walks of life. With the expansion of market demand, CNC laser cutting machine application prospects are better.

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Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency and fast, is an indispensable helper in metal processing industry. The introduction of laser cutting machine reduces labor cost and controls product quality. For the production of high intelligence, high environmental protection, high efficiency of CNC intelligent workshop process to lay a solid foundation.

As a leading enterprise in the mechanical industry, the plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine developed by our company has played an important role in the processing of belt filter, ceramic vacuum filter and pressure filter. The processing quality has been improved and significant economic benefits have been obtained.

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Sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine can process arbitrary graphics and size workpiece within the working range of 2000mm*6000mm. For the company's various equipment processing, such as CF ceramic filter hopper, distribution head; DU belt filter cleaning bucket, washing bucket, vacuum box; Filter press unloading hopper, water box, and so on, as well as a variety of complex shape of the workpiece, only need to design good graphics on the computer, directly integrated, without secondary processing. The processing efficiency is several times higher than the traditional processing, high precision, fast speed, smooth incision without burr, "no contact" processing does not crush the material, the material utilization rate is high, greatly reducing the processing cost.

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