Instructions for use of power cabinet of CNC plasma cutting Machine

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Instructions for use of power cabinet of CNC plasma cutting Machine

CNC plasma cutting machine high-frequency interference is one of the problems prone to occur in the use of equipment, enterprise class CNC plasma cutting machine application, in addition to the comparison and test of equipment quality, in the installation and use of related facilities also have certain skills and methods, the following CNC cutting machine, Home will introduce the CNC plasma cutting machine power cabinet in detail and installation requirements

1. The strong and weak electricity in the cabinet shall be routed strictly separately

The voltage and current change rate in the strong wire is large, resulting in intense electric field change and electromagnetic interference, which has a serious impact on the nearby signal line and weak current control line. The signal line is far away from the strong wire, and the reasonable selection of shielded wire, twisted-pair wire, can avoid the interference signal in the signal transmission.

2. Shielded cable is used for signal line between cabinets

The shielding cable can suppress the interference from stray electric floating air magnetic field into the transmission line through electromagnetic induction and static induction, and the shielding layer is grounded in the correct single-end grounding mode.

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3. The cabinet is well connected to the ground

CNC plasma arc cutting machine covers an area of a large, it is best to lay a separate grounding device (at least 3 meters underground): and the eye grounding device should be and machine guide rail, cabinet and even cable sliding bracket reliable connection. In this way, the induced high-frequency interference voltage on the enclosure has a low impedance leakage channel, so that there is no charge accumulation and the possibility of increasing the voltage of the enclosure, which is safer for personnel and conducive to the suppression of interference impact.

4, reliable grounding system

Enough attention should be paid to the grounding process of CNC plasma cutting machine system, because its CNC part and servo unit are moving on the track, and the intensity of interference has a great relationship with the grounding mode of the system.

Mechanical parts of the CNC flame cutting machine, gantry mobile framework is mainly composed of base, fire sprinkler, transmission mechanism and of three stepper motors, in order to realize the cutting plane plate parts processing, for most of the CNC flame cutting machine, in order to improve the cutting width and cutting efficiency, at the present stage with gantry structure of torch configuration scheme, This CNC flame cutting machine CNC system hardware configuration and put forward new requirements, in order to facilitate everyone to understand, here CNC cutting machine manufacturers will be classified to explain,


1, CNC flame cutting machine cutting system part

The CNC flame cutting machine CNC system not only contains all the functions of the common CNC system, but also has automatic ignition before cutting, preheating, through cutting oxygen, the end of the process of flout, and cutting torch according to the processing track fast back and forward and other suitable for its process characteristics of the function, in addition, The system software also has perfect graphics programming, copying programming, direct interpolation of various conic curves, dynamic tracking and display of machining track, dynamic simulation of machining track, fault diagnosis, communication and transmission of machining program and other functions. Among these functions, the torch can quickly move back and forward according to the machining track. It is increased to adapt to the inpenetration phenomenon of individual parts of the steel plate that often occurs in the process of processing. When this phenomenon occurs, as long as you press the fast return key, the torch will move back quickly according to the original track. When it reaches the starting point of the not cut through place, the key is lifted, and the torch will be cut again along the original track. Figure 2 shows the modular structure of the CNC system software. As the system software is developed under the Windows interface, it has all the advantages of Windows programs: breaking the limit of 64kB memory, running multiple applications at the same time (real-time multi-task), convenient for keyboard and mouse window operation, etc.

2, CNC flame cutting machine transmission part

In order to improve the operation stability of CNC flame cutting machine, gantry type CNC cutting machine adopts bilateral drive mode, and is equipped with a separate transmission component on the beam to provide cutting torch walking power. Two stepper motors respectively control the gantry frame before and after movement (Y motor), flame sprinkler left and right (X motor) and up and down movement (Z motor), X, Y, Z three axis can achieve linkage control, CNC system hardware structure to IPC(MORE than 486 CPU, more than 8MB memory, more than 500MB hard disk) as the host, In addition to IPC's inherent hardware (CPU motherboard, TVGA card, power supply), only a 32-bit optical isolation I/ O.Imer (parallel I/O/timer) card was added to the slot. The I/O parallel port of the card controls the operation of the three stepper motors, acetylene switch, acetylene ignition, cutting oxygen switch, limit stroke switch signal and coordinate zero signal of the receiving table. The 8253 timer on the board is used as the interrupt timer of the stepper motor operation interrupt service program, and the clock frequency is 2MHz. Through the computer keyboard to achieve the operation of the control system. The pulse equivalent of the stepper motor in the three moving directions is 0.01mm. Due to the high running speed of PC above 486, it is completely possible to use a CPU to complete all the work from system program management to processing control. There is no need to use the multi-CPU structure of upper and lower computers.

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