Is it necessary to install a protection device for the best quality press brake?

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Is it necessary to install a protection device for the best quality press brake?

Best quality press brake protection device release laser, in the bending machine 2-3 mm position to form a protective beam, is the staff or foreign body invasion of the machine to stop the equipment, in practical application by the enterprises love, then, do you know what is the choice of skills to buy bending machine protection device? The following will be introduced to you.

1, choose best quality press brake protection device, should be clear about their own requirements, including bending model number, type and die related position size, bending machine tool edge protection device position, etc.

2. For safety reasons, the light source of the bending machine uses laser light source, which can be captured by the naked eye. The price of ordinary infrared light curtain will be more expensive, of course.


3, to prevent the bending machine protection device in the process of using the normal use of equipment, there are two working states: bending and folding.

4, the device has its own controller function, ordinary safety light film needs safety light film controller, can detect the use of safety light film in real time with self-detection function, so it can be directly connected to the control system of the bending machine.

5, bending machine protection device is added in the common light screen on the safety protection design. In the use of large bending machine vibration is relatively large, so the seismic performance is greatly improved.

To sum up, the bending machine protection device is necessary to install, I hope it will be helpful to you.

In the process of actual work operation, many people will encounter no pressure under the bending machine. In order to solve your doubts, the following manufacturers introduce specific handling measures and failure causes in detail, hoping to help you.


Cause 1: The slider returns quickly and slowly, and the time stops for too long.

Treatment methods:

1. Check whether the oil level of the oil tank is too low and whether the filling port is filled with water. When fast forward, the filling liquid in the oil barrel is sucked in, resulting in insufficient filling liquid.

2. Confirm that the fast forward speed is too fast, resulting in insufficient liquid filling. Based on the above reasons, system parameters can be modified to reduce the fast forward speed.

3. Check whether the liquid filling valve is fully opened. Due to oil pollution, the valve on the liquid flushing valve will not move flexibly, stagnate and lack of electric fluid.

Failure reason two: the slider returned to normal, fast forward normal, can not be manually slow descent, bending machine folding plate weak.

Treatment methods:

1. Check whether the control liquid filling control oil circuit works properly. If the charging liquid valve is not closed and the upper chamber is connected to the charging port of the fuel tank, the pressure cannot be applied.

2. Check whether the liquid filling valve is inserted. If so, clean and reinstall the infusion valve to make it flexible and free.

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