Is laser cutting machine better than wire cutting

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Is laser cutting machine better than wire cutting

From the advent of the Fiber laser cutting machine to the present, it has been gradually recognized by the vast number of consumers, so what are the advantages of the traditional cutting method that can not be compared with the laser cutting machine?

First let us look at the characteristics of laser cutting and wire cutting:

laser cutting:

The latest mainstream laser cutting equipment is mainly fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine.

The current CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick plates, which can realize the cutting of non-metallic materials.

The main features of laser cutting: fast cutting speed, good cutting quality and low processing cost.

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Traditional wire cutting:

Wire cutting can only cut conductive materials, which limits its scope of application and requires cutting coolant during the cutting process. For example, leather, they are not suitable for use, it is not afraid of water, cutting fluid contamination, and cannot be cut with thread.

In addition, according to the type of wire used, the current wire cutting is divided into fast wire and slow wire. The wire is made of molybdenum wire and can be used for multiple cuts. The wire is slow to use and can only be used once.

P: Metal wire is more used than molybdenum wire because it is very cheap.

The advantages of traditional wire cutting: it can realize the slab cutting once formed, but the cutting edge will be very rough.

After talking about the characteristics of laser cutting and traditional cutting wire cutting, let's briefly compare their cutting principles and disadvantages:

Laser cutting principle: the high temperature generated by the high energy density laser beam irradiation melts the cut of the cutting material, thereby realizing the cutting. Therefore, the cut metal material should not be too thick, otherwise the heat affected zone may be too large to cut.

The application field of laser cutting is very wide, it can cut most metals, and is not limited by the shape, the disadvantage is that it can only cut thin slices.

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