Is the power of metal laser cleaning machine really the greater the better?

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Is the power of metal laser cleaning machine really the greater the better?

Competition will drive the industry forward. There is no doubt that in recent years, the competition in the field of metal laser cleaning machine is very fierce, in addition to cutting technology, cutting speed, after-sales service and other aspects of competition, laser cutting machine manufacturers also have to higher power technology breakthrough, competition, close to ten thousand watt laser cutting machine products. However, the actual use of tens of thousands of watts of power laser cutting metal plate, relatively few at present, to a large extent, the pursuit of higher laser power is just a performance of technical ability.

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Mainstream market trends always give users some guidance, and the emergence of ten thousand watts laser cutting machine seems to give users a hint: the higher the power, the better, in fact, this idea is very one-sided. The higher the power, the more expensive the laser cutting machine. Power size is one of the main factors affecting the price of laser cutting machine. High power laser cutting machine put forward higher requirements for its hardware. The upgrade of the whole equipment will send the cost of the whole equipment through the roof.

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Therefore, when choosing the power of the equipment, we should consider the acceptable price range. The higher the power, the better? Not at all! Laser cutting machine can be divided into low, medium and high power according to power. For thin stainless steel and carbon steel plates, it is possible to use low-power fiber laser cutting machines to cut well, but also to ensure a high cutting speed, both to ensure efficiency and cost savings. Therefore, in the purchase of laser cutting machine, must be based on their own material, material thickness and other reasonable choice, do not blindly pursue high power.

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Of course, if you have thick plate and thin plate, the production needs to be very large, in its reasonably priced high power laser cutting machine price range, is also a better choice. Because through the appropriate adjustment of cutting speed, replacement of auxiliary gas and other ways, high power laser cutting machine cutting sheet can also be very good control of cutting quality.

To sum up, it is recommended to consider two points when choosing high power laser cutting machine. First, to meet customer cutting requirements; Second, the price is within its own range. The power of laser cutting machine is one of the important factors to be considered, but it does not mean blind pursuit of high power.

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