Is the quality of cnc press brake hydraulic press brake die important?

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Is the quality of cnc press brake hydraulic press brake die important?

With the development of society, steelmaking technology in China has reached a certain level. At present, the common processing methods are mainly forging and casting. The cost of casting is lower than forgings. Cnc press brake hydraulic press brake mold is forged. Many people wonder why not cast. This article will briefly describe why.

Casting technology has a long history in China. The total cost of the workpiece is very low, mainly by melting the metal into a liquid, which is then poured into a specific molding mold. After the metal liquid cools, the forming casting is formed. The casting technique involves burning some steel in a charcoal fire, then quickly pulling out the red steel and putting it into a pneumatic hydraulic hammer for forging.

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The reason why THE cnc press brake hydraulic press brake mold chooses forging rather than casting is that casting requires the steel mill to produce rolling blanks, and the steel mill is willing to produce in the case of a lot of standard parts, but the standard parts of the CNC bending machine mold are usually few, and the use of castings is usually not very cost-effective.

CNC bending machine mold also has high requirements for strength. Castings tend to bubble during production, resulting in poor strength - as good as forgings. Forgings are forged with air hammer, internal important strength is also large, so CNC bending machine mold generally choose forging instead of casting.

Is the quality of CNC bending machine die important?

In the manufacture of wuxi CNC bending machine mold, there are usually some problems, and these problems are more important. If the problem cannot be solved, the mold will have an unusable defect. So you have to pay attention to the problems in production what kind of problems are there?

First, it doesn't pay attention to the user experience. Focus only on new product development, and focus only on the initial product development, and ignore communication. After the preliminary determination of product design, it is necessary to contact CNC bending machine mold manufacturers in advance, to ensure that the designed products have good workmanship, and to prepare for the design.


Second CNC bending machine die quality control. Nowadays the global manufacturing industry competition is increasingly fierce, many CNC bending machine manufacturers as far as possible to shorten the processing cycle, improve unit time efficiency and customer service, which has become a common phenomenon of manufacturing competitiveness. The high requirement for the die of CNC bending machine is put forward. How do we manufacture high quality CNC bending machine molds?

1. How to adjust the stroke? Hydraulic bending machine must pay attention to adjust the stroke and ensure trial operation before bending. When the upper die of the bending machine falls to the bottom, there must be a certain thickness gap. Otherwise, molds and machines will be damaged. Stroke adjustment also has electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.


2. In order to select the bending notch, usually choose the width of the plate thickness of 10 times the notch. If you bend 4mm paper, you will need to select a notch at about 40. ** * slots can fold 10mm board. Boards larger than 10mm are not allowed.

3. Back regulation generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine tuning, the method is the same as the shearing machine.

4. Press the pedal switch and start bending. A bender is different from a shearer. It can be released at any time. When you release your foot, the bender will stop and continue to descend as you tread.

Precautions for safe operation of hydraulic bending machine:

1. Check the overlap and firmness of the upper and lower molds; Check whether each positioning device meets the processing requirements.

2. When the upper slide and each positioning axis are not at the origin, run the return to origin program.

3. The hydraulic bending machine will idle for 1-2 minutes after starting, and move 2-3 times on the full stroke of the slider. If there is an abnormal sound or fault, stop the operation immediately to rectify the fault, and then start again after everything is restored to normal.

4. One person should be in charge of the operation, so that the operator can work closely with the feeding and pressing personnel to ensure that the cooperative personnel are in a safe position before the bending signal is issued.


5. When bending, the metal plate must be compacted to prevent the metal plate from lifting and injuring people during bending.

6. When adjusting sheet metal molds, disconnect the power supply and stop the operation.

7. Do not allow any material to contact the lower die when changing the opening of the variable lower die.

8. No one is allowed to stand behind the machine while it is working.

9. If the workpiece or mold is found to be incorrect during operation, stop and correct it. Do not use hands to correct, so as not to cause hand injury.

10. It is forbidden to fold super thick iron plate or hardened steel plate advanced alloy steel square steel and sheet steel that exceed the performance of sheet metal bending machine to avoid damage to the machine.

11. Check the overlap of upper and lower molds regularly; Pressure gauge indicates whether it meets requirements.

12. If the hydraulic bending machine is abnormal, please stop immediately, check the cause and remove the abnormal fault in time.

13. Before closing the hydraulic bending mechanism, place the wooden block on the lower mold under the cylinders on both sides to put the upper slide plate on the wooden block.

14. First exit the control system program and then cut off the power supply.

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