It turns out that big tube cutting can come this way?

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It turns out that big tube cutting can come this way?

In the fierce market competition, we need not only to cut and process all kinds of conventional pipe materials including round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, etc. Sometimes, in the application of special industries, all kinds of shaped pipes and H-shaped steel Cutting of heavy-duty large-diameter pipes is inevitable.

For the cutting and processing of super long and large diameter heavy pipes, the industry has traditionally used flame or plasma cutting for processing. With the innovative breakthrough of fiber laser cutting equipment, heavy laser pipe cutting machines have also been staged with unique advantages Sought after.


Today, let's discuss what are the advantages of fiber laser tube cutting equipment in the cutting operation of heavy pipe compared with traditional processing methods?

1. Break through the cutting of multiple types of heavy pipe

The traditional equipment is relatively simple in pipe cutting, and many simple Laser pipe cutters can only achieve heavy-duty round pipe cutting, which has strong limitations on other types of pipe cutting processing. In addition to cutting conventional large round tubes, ultra-heavy professional laser tube cutting machines can cover all tube products, such as: square tube, rectangular tube, round tube, channel steel, angle iron, H-shaped steel, etc.

2. Improve cutting accuracy and effect

In traditional flame/plasma processing, due to the large cutting gap, there is a large size deviation in the actual processed workpiece. It is difficult to achieve precise processing for spliced pipes and fine small hole cutting. The ultra-heavy professional laser pipe cutting machine can realize high-precision pipe cutting, improve the cutting quality and make up for the shortcomings of traditional processing methods.

Pipe cutting field

3. Break through greater load-bearing and longer pipe cutting

Accurate loading and unloading can be described as a major bottleneck problem for heavy-duty pipe cutting. The heavy and long heavy-duty pipe is a technical test for the bearing capacity of the equipment and the precise clamping of the chuck. The ultra-heavy professional Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting machine can cut a single pipe up to 1500KG, and the length of a single pipe can reach 12 meters (traditional processing is limited to 6 meters). Breaking through the bottleneck problem of loading and unloading and cutting precision of the original heavy-duty pipe, the 4-chuck design realizes the zero-tail material saving quality while realizing the cutting operation of the heavy-duty pipe.

4. Pursuit of high-quality cutting-seamlessly bevel cuttingIn this fierce market competition, the technical difficulties of various industries in metal forming and processing cannot be ignored. Therefore, strengthening the introduction of advanced technical equipment and high-quality talents is very important for improving our company's own technical level and product quality and forming a strong core competitiveness!

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