J23-40T Power press machine principle? Hydraulic press operation requirements?

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J23-40T Power press machine principle? Hydraulic press operation requirements?

J23-40T Power press machine is the first automatic and intelligent servo electro-hydraulic composite press in the stamping equipment industry. Compared with traditional punch and injection press, it has made great breakthroughs in both mechanical structure and control system and function. Power press machine adopts independent research and development of double dead cycle servo system control mode, high degree of humanization, full automation, intelligent and powerful function.


The main advantages of hydraulic punch are as follows:

1. Fast blanking: Traditional hydraulic press is characterized by high pressure and slow speed, so the working efficiency is not high. The servo electro-hydraulic press of this project technology has joined the servo structure design of independent innovation, with fast response speed and fast pressure. Its pressing speed can reach more than 400mm/sc, and its pressing effect is better than ordinary mechanical punch. It can be widely used in the pressing of hardware products or non-metallic products, such as the typical products are aluminum products extrusion. Watchcase, watchband, glasses frame and parts, picture frame, tableware, signs, locks, auto parts and hardware parts, etc.

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2. Stretching function: make a large number of metal deformation into a product process called stretching, stretching products are widely used in life, stretching products are generally completed by hydraulic press, and the traditional mechanical punch is not this function; The project technology servo electric hydraulic press can be perfect stretch forming products for a variety of materials, such as tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, electrical appliances products such as metal shell, the cover plate and lighting parts of stretch forming, also added the latest touch screen technology, can be directly used without mechanical contact technology to set up the parameters, easy to use, high degree of humanization.

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Working principle:

Hydraulic punch design principle is to transform the circular motion into linear motion, the main motor output, drive the flywheel, driven by the clutch gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod operation, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to the connecting rod movement for circular motion. Connecting rod and slider between the need to have circular motion and linear motion of the transition point, its design roughly has two kinds of mechanism, one for the ball type, one for the pin type (cylindrical), through this mechanism will be converted into the circular motion of the linear motion of the slider.


Hydraulic press to impose pressure on the material plastic deformation, and get the required shape and accuracy, so must cooperate with a group of mold (divided into the upper die and the lower die), the material placed in the process, by the machine to exert pressure, deformation, processing force on the material caused by the reaction force, absorbed by the mechanical body of the punch.



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