Key points for maintenance of W12-10*3000 rolling machine in winter

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Key points for maintenance of W12-10*3000 rolling machine in winter

Key points for maintenance of W12-10*3000 rolling machine in winter

A new wave of cold wave is coming, all over the country will usher in a new round of rain and snow wind cooling weather, we also want to do a good job of rolling machine humanistic care. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the maintenance of winter winding machine? Today we will tell them all about them.


1. Environmental temperature control of the winding machine workshop

In winter, there is a large difference between the temperature and humidity in the north and south of China. The temperature and humidity have an impact on the processing system and control system of the rolling machine. It is necessary to use temperature and humidity control measures reasonably and timely to ensure the use environment of the rolling machine.

2, anti-freezing measures

All kinds of antifreeze oil in the rolling machine need to choose the right brand and the right place to use, so that condensation and frost heaving will not occur, affecting the normal operation of the rolling machine.

W11 roll 2

3, boot preheating stop anti-freezing

In winter, when the temperature drops, please do a good job of preheating the machine before processing after starting, to ensure good performance and working state; After a long shutdown during holidays or other factors, take measures to prevent freezing and keep warm.

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4, winter fire protection equipment is complete

The northern winter climate is dry, heating, air conditioning and other implementation began to use, production workshop warm facilities open, check the fire protection facilities, in case of emergency.

5. Plant load-bearing design

In winter when there is heavy snow in north China, the roof of the factory needs to consider the carrying capacity to avoid being crushed by snow; At the same time, the plant design should consider the removal of snow and ice.

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