Key points of electro-hydraulic bending machine

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Key points of electro-hydraulic bending machine

The main difference between electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine and ordinary CNC bending machine lies in whether there is

feedback closed-loop and whether there is electro-hydraulic bending machine compensation. The biggest difference is that the two sides of

the bending slider are different in structure to ensure synchronization. The torsion shaft is synchronized by simultaneously connecting the two-

cylinder piston rigid shafts, and the electro-hydraulic servo is synchronized by the servo synchronization valves on both sides. The two must

be distinguished.

Calculate how many tons of shears need to be purchased according to the material and thickness of the sheet metal to be processed and

bent; For example, in the production of low-carbon steel with a product thickness of 3mm and a maximum length of 2500mm, the free bending

force need not be greater than 80 tons; However, if you are engaged in the formation of bottomed concave molds, you should consider a 150-

ton machine; If the thickest material to be bent in production is 6mm, and the low-carbon steel within the length of 2500mm is free to bend,

then we need to consider the need for a bending machine with more than 100 tons; If you bend some of the bottoms die, you need a larger

tonnage press. If most of the workpieces to be bent are 1250mm or shorter, then the tonnage of the bending machine will be reduced by half,

which will greatly reduce the purchase cost.

Note: The tonnage here refers to the maximum pressure of the bending machine, not the weight of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending



The CNC system is the brain of the electro-hydraulic bending machine. A good CNC system allows workers to more intuitively and quickly

program the required workpieces, thereby saving manpower, time, and higher work efficiency.

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To sum up, a good electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine not only has a certain method for parameter selection but more importantly, a

powerful CNC system that matches it.

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