Laser cutting equipment market a lot, so what is the fiber laser machine cutting metal?

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Laser cutting equipment market a lot, so what is the fiber laser machine cutting metal?

Laser cutting machine, also known as laser cutting equipment, is the traditional metal material cutting upgrade of a new generation of -- products, is widely used and has -- performance. Laser cutting machine is currently an effective, practical, - metal material processing equipment. In the stainless steel material and carbon steel cutting is effective energy saving. Compared with the traditional metal processing equipment, the processing efficiency is fast, the processing quality effect is obvious, it is widely used in sheet metal, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, aluminum alloy, and other metal materials with different characteristics.

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How to use metal laser cutting machine to process a good sample

1. Focus position adjustment

The laser power density affects the cutting speed, and the position of the focal point relative to the workpiece surface is important for the cutting quality after knowing what focal length lens is used. Due to the high power density at the focus, the head laser cutting, in most cases, when cutting the focus position just in the workpiece surface, or slightly below the surface. In the whole cutting process, the relative position of focus and workpiece is constant, which is an important condition to obtain stable cutting quality. Sometimes, when the FR4 laser is cut, the lens is heated due to improper cooling, which causes the change of focal length, which requires timely adjustment of the focal position.

2. Gas pressure

The type and pressure of the gas will have a great impact on the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine. For most metal laser cutting is the use of active gas as long as it is oxygen, Maanshan laser cutting, forming and hot metal oxidation exothermic reaction, TWS laser cutting, this part of the additional heat can speed up the cutting speed of 1/3 ~ 1/2.

Laser cutting practice shows that when the gas is oxygen, its purity has an effect on cutting quality. Oxygen purity of less than 2% reduces cutting speed by 50% and results in poorer cut quality.

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How is laser cutting machine processing workpiece burr to return a responsibility more?

1. The gas purity of the cutting machine is not enough.

Solution: Change the gas.

2. The point of the laser beam of the cutting machine is offset.

Solution: focus debugging, timely adjustment

3, laser cutting machine operation time is too long and produced by the instability.

Solution: Turn off the machine and restart it and let it rest.

Fiber laser cutting machine is a precision machine, often a data error will cause its work operation is not normal, so in the work to be strict, reduce errors.


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