Laser cutting machine classification and performance comparison

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Laser cutting machine classification and performance comparison

Laser cutting machines are currently widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials, greatly reducing costs, reducing processing time, and improving product quality. Laser cutting machine uses high power density energy generated after focusing to achieve cutting. Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting machine has faster speed, better cutting quality and higher cutting precision, and can be designed according to computer graphics. Make random cuts. There are so many advantages for the cutting machine, let us summarize the types of laser cutting machines.

Fiber laser cutter

Metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine is our common fiber laser cutting machine, and it can also be called high-power fiber laser equipment, usually fiber laser equipment above 100w can be used for cutting. High-power laser cutting machine can probably cut close to 2cm metal material. The laser cutting machine can also cut different types of patterns and shapes on the metal. The laser cutting machine supports ps, cad, CDR and other editing software. Because the metal laser cutting machine has the above advantages, different types of metal laser cutting machines have been made according to its advantages and different product requirements, such as die cutting, vent hole cutting machine, handicraft laser cutting machine, etc. The metal laser cutting machine is also called laser Carving machine.

Non-metal laser cutting machine

Non-metal laser cutting machines are generally carbon dioxide co2 laser cutting machines, and some materials require high-power ultraviolet laser cutting. Co2 laser cutting machine can distinguish jeans laser cutting machine, glass laser cutting machine, wood product laser processing and engraving machine according to function, and ultraviolet laser cutting machine is more ideal for acrylic, ceramic, plastic and tempered glass cutting. Non-metal laser cutting machines are also widely used in handicrafts. The lighting we have seen, the blessing characters posted on the festival door, etc. may all be masterpieces of non-metal laser machines.

       Metal and non-metal laser cutting machines are relatively common. At the same time, we do not have much contact with gem laser cutting machines and semiconductor laser cutting machines. There are too many types of laser cutting machines according to the current industry. In order to meet customer needs, laser cutting machines also have different types of functions, which are used in various industries. The laser cutting machine can cut 360 degrees slope, which solves the printing problem. The structure and appearance of the machine can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, which solves a series of difficult problems such as manual unsafe problems and use of space.

Laser cutting machine industry

       As mentioned above, the laser cutting machine can be customized according to actual needs to solve the needs of different customers. Then we know that the industry applicable to laser cutting machines should be very wide.

       "Laser cutting machine can solve the printing problem with 360-degree oblique cutting", then the laser cutting machine is suitable for the printing and packaging industry, such as the rubber sheet laser cutting machine and the paper product laser cutting machine on the market.

       The crystal ball we saw, the bamboo slips we used, all kinds of beautiful paper cards, saw figures carved by wood products, mahogany furniture, etc., those are generally cut by a laser cutting machine, then the laser cutting machine is in crafts The industry is also feasible.

       We wear various types of leather shoes, leather coats, various patterns of jeans, etc. and the above patterns, cutting, different types of angles and shapes need to use a laser cutting machine, then the laser cutting machine is also feasible in the leather clothing industry of.

       The most people who buy a house see architectural models. At the airport, we can easily see the aero model. At the car manufacturer, we can see the car model. These models use a mold laser cutting machine. Time-consuming, and can not achieve the desired effect, then the laser cutting machine will also work in the model industry.

       Why did the engraving of tombstones, stone lions, etc. become less and less, because the laser cutting machine can do the job, and the cutting effect is more ideal, and it takes less time, so the unexpectedly lower cost. Then laser cutting machine in the stone industry is also possible.

       We see the luminous signboards in the shops, various shapes of lighting, etc. We know that laser cutting machines are also used in the LED industry.

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