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Laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel with film protective film stripping reasons

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Laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel with film protective film stripping reasons

Nowadays, in order to ensure the beauty of products, many Laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel have protective film on the surface to prevent scratches. For this kind of material, the past approach is to peel the protective film before cutting, and then laser cutting, cutting and then the protective film affixed. However, today's market is more required in the case of film will be stainless steel one-time laser cutting. Film Laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel up sometimes cutting effect will be very good, but sometimes in the process of cutting protective film stripping.

i (1)

Film in stainless steel and both sides of the film material. When cutting with laser equipment, the back of the film material on both sides is very easy to produce burrs.

The reason for the surface protective film peeling, in the cutting did not enter the slit of the auxiliary gas will be processed to the surface of the diffusion, into the gap between the protective film and the material surface, so that the protective film peeling. The main reasons for stripping are laser processing conditions and protective film material itself.

(1) Reasons for processing conditions

When the protective film is irradiated by laser, the melting state of its edge will affect the peeling condition. When the melting range of the protective film edge is large, the bonding strength of the adhesive will be reduced by heating, so as to create a breakthrough for stripping.

(2) Protective film material reasons

If the bond between the protective film and the metal material is low, the heat generated in processing will make the protective film contraction force, so that the protective film edge stripping. The auxiliary gas then takes the edge as the breakthrough point and intrudes into the protective film and material instantaneously, causing a large area of stripping.


(1) Reasons for processing conditions

When cutting the protective film, let the intensity of the laser beam mode on the cutting edge of the sharp distribution, and pay attention not to let the laser appear disorder. The speed condition should be set as high speed condition to reduce the thermal influence of laser on the protective film. In addition, it is easy to peel the L part of the sharp corner or round hole with small diameter in the processed shape, so the shape needs to be modified by setting R and so on.

(2) Reasons for protective film

At present some protective film manufacturers also supply adhesive, heat resistance has been strengthened on the laser cutting special protective film products, but when using the need to confirm its performance in advance. For laser cutting back film research, there is a certain progress.


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