Laser cutting machine is a high speed and high power fiber laser cutting equipment

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Laser cutting machine is a high speed and high power fiber laser cutting equipment

1500W Laser cutting machine is a high speed and high power fiber laser cutting equipment, more than 90% of the whole machine parts are imported, by the Italian engineer comprehensive supervision of product assembly and quality control, the implementation of European standards, stable and reliable product performance. Can cut 0.5mm-100mm carbon steel, stainless steel and other plates, suitable for cutting all kinds of metal materials and high anti-materials widely used.

Function Description:

1. Dual servo motor drive

2, with higher stability, higher speed and faster acceleration

3, full digital CNC servo motor communication

4. Use the new AlfaControl operating software developed by Penta of Italy

5, new peripheral design, can enter the working area of the equipment from 3 different directions

6, exchange table is equipped with a new hydraulic lifting system

7. The equipment can run with or without the switching table

8, 8025, 6020 model equipment is equipped with 8000W high power fiber laser, switching table

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IPG fiber laser, stable and reliable quality.

Intelligent laser cutting head:

Equipped with Italy El.En independent research and development or Germany imported intelligent cutting head.

1, non-contact capacitance sensor, automatic detection of the actual plate position;

2. Automatic focusing function makes it unnecessary to refocus when replacing the plate, improving working efficiency and processing accuracy;

3, the use of zoom drilling, so that the thick plate perforation time is greatly reduced, such as: 8mm carbon steel perforation time is 0.4 seconds, while the traditional time is 4-6 seconds, improve the equipment work efficiency of more than 30%;

4, perforation detection function, cutting after penetration, no extra waiting time.

Professional CNC control system:

1, using Italy imported laser cutting special CNC;

2. Z32 real-time control system with dynamic and geometric impact protection;

3, CNC system and machine tool drive system data exchange using optical fiber communication, fast response, stable signal;

4, laser energy adaptive real-time control, to ensure the quality of sharp cutting;

5, Z-axis follow-up control, eliminate the impact of uneven plate;

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Powerful software system:

Smart Manager is the original Control software imported from Europe based on Windows platform, which fully connects with the CNC system imported from Italy. Therefore, the real-time control and software upgrade of machine tools and lasers are more convenient and fast; Friendly interface, easy to learn, easy to operate. The NC program is easy to edit and readable. Equipped with Italian engineers tailored to adjust the expert cutting process database to ensure cutting efficiency and achieve the cutting effect of carbon steel bright surface, while cutting parameters can be adjusted in real time during the cutting process, in order to achieve good cutting quality; Optimize a variety of punching methods, such as continuous punching, pulse punching, blasting perforation, etc. Optimize a variety of fast moving modes, with the function of "frog jump" and automatic shutdown of auxiliary gas during air shift; Automatic border patrol is faster.

High precision machine tool design and manufacturing:

It has MechatroLink dual drive synchronization technology, control time up to microsecond level synchronization 1000 times higher than ordinary machine tools. Compared with traditional interface control, this control method has fast response speed and strong anti-interference ability. The synchronization of the machine tool and the stability of high speed operation are ensured, and the working life of the machine tool and servo motor is greatly improved.

Adopt heat treatment and thermal protection measures, machine tool copper plating design, can disperse the heat generated by processing plate in real time, effectively protect the machine tool, prevent collision caused by wear; Automatic lubrication device, reduce the thermal absorption of machine tools, ensure the long-term operation accuracy of machine tools, prolong the service life; Imported helical rack, make machine movement faster, more quiet, let you have a good working environment; The gantry adopts aluminum alloy base, the whole is light and strong, so that the gantry runs faster and more stable.

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