Laser cutting machine manufacturing industry status and wide application

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Laser cutting machine manufacturing industry status and wide application

Laser cutting machine manufacturing is mainly used in machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, electronics and other fields. In these industries, laser cutting machine is a very important equipment, China's laser industry chain mainly includes in the cutting, marking and welding fields. It is also widely used in China's industrial electronics industry, light industry and heavy industry.


China's laser technology industry after more than 40 years of development, but also has a relatively deep technical and material basis. The country has also trained a number of laser industry talents, and some well-known universities, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, etc., have invested a lot of material resources and manpower in the research and development of laser cutting machine.


Laser processing belongs to non-contact processing, use of high energy laser beam and the function of the laser head movement is adjustable, then can attain the goal of a variety of materials processing, to cut the metal or nonmetal, or traces on the surface of materials carvings, etc., can also realize the welding of two objects, and these applications such as punch.

The use of laser cutting machine is more popular, now there are more kinds of laser cutting products, you can choose according to the needs of the industry. It is the demand is different so the design principle and structure of the product is also very different, in many cutting products have played their advantages.

Many in the industry know that laser cutting products have their own characteristics, is unmatched by other cutting products, it has a relatively stable invariance, got good effect in use process, at the same time it also maintained the durability, to overcome the problems of continuous use in the operation, as a very mature technology of cutting products.

In general, with the continuous development of social science and technology, laser products will be more widely used and become an important product tool for the benefit of mankind. For laser products we are already very familiar with it is not difficult to understand, especially the promotion and application of laser cutting machine, become a symbol of modern production.

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