laser fiber cutting machine metal is the best cutting method in all kinds of cutting technology

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laser fiber cutting machine metal is the best cutting method in all kinds of cutting technology

laser fiber cutting machine metalis the best cutting method in all kinds of cutting technology, compared with the traditional cutting, the advantage of laser cutting is: small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy, low noise, no pollution, easy to achieve automatic cutting, processing cost is 50% less than mechanical processing.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the use of imported fiber laser output laser beam with high energy density, and focus on the surface of the workpiece, is the workpiece is the ultra-fine focus spot irradiation area instant melting and gasification, through the NUMERICAL control mechanical system to move the spot irradiation position and automatic cutting. It is a set of fiber laser technology, numerical control technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech equipment.


(1) ZY-M3015F performance characteristics laser fiber cutting machine metal:

1, dual servo motor drive.

2, with higher stability, higher speed and faster acceleration.

3. Fully digital CNC servo motor communication

4, new peripheral design, from 3 different directions to enter the equipment work area.

5, the machine adopts gantry structure, imported reducer and high precision linear guide rail, smooth transmission, high precision, greatly improve the production efficiency of the machine.

6, the whole bed welding structure, annealing after rough processing, and then vibration aging treatment, can completely eliminate the stress of welding and processing, good rigidity, high precision, can keep a long time use without deformation.

7. The beam is made of aluminum alloy cast as a whole, roughed after two high temperature annealing, and then vibrated aging. After high precision processing, it has good rigidity, light weight and good dynamic performance.

8, the import of high precision electronic control proportional valve, precise control of cutting auxiliary gas pressure, in order to achieve better cutting effect. It is more accurate and convenient than manual pressure regulating valve.

 Fiber Laser cutter 09


Fiber laser features:

1. High photoelectricity conversion efficiency, water saving and electricity saving cost.

2. Fiber laser has excellent thermal performance, high electro-optical efficiency, water and electricity saving, especially important is long-term maintenance-free use, can save a lot of maintenance costs and time, improve work efficiency.

3. Fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in thin plate cutting.

Main configuration

1. Fiber laser power: 1000W

2. Cutting range: 3000mm×1500mm

3. Cutting plate thickness: carbon steel: 10mm, stainless steel: 4mm

laser 01

Random configuration:

1) Fiber laser

2) Workbench

3) High-end CNC system

4) Laser water cooling unit

5) drawer type high pressure laser cutting head

6) Capacitive cutting head height detection system

7) laser cutting machine special automatic programming software

8) High precision electronic pressure regulation system

9) Cutting auxiliary gas automatic conversion system

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