Laser fiber cutting machine metal typesetting six matters needing attention

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Laser fiber cutting machine metal typesetting six matters needing attention

Laser fiber cutting machine metal is one of the indispensable equipment in the industry, often before we use laser cutting machine, will make good drawings into the program, and then use typesetting software to arrange the graphics on a board, so that the laser cutting machine can batch process the products. Among them, although the typesetting process is very short, but there is a great deal of knowledge hidden in it. If the typesetting is slightly wrong, it will have a great impact on the cutting effect of the whole board. The following crystal xiaobian to explain to you about the laser cutting machine typesetting six matters for attention:

1. Corner melting

When slicing corners of thin steel plates, the laser will overheat and melt the corners. Generate small radius in the corner, in order to maintain the laser high-speed cutting, avoid the steel plate overheating melting phenomenon when cutting the corner, so as to obtain good cutting quality, and reduce the cutting time, improve productivity.

2. Spacing of parts

In general, thick plate and hot plate cutting, the space between parts should be large, because the thick plate hot plate heat influence is large, in cutting corners and small graphics, easy to burn edge, affect the cutting quality.


3. Lead setting

In the process of cutting thick plate, in order to make the cutting joint good, to prevent the beginning and end, often at the beginning and end of cutting each lead a section of transition line, respectively known as lead and tail line. The lead and tail line is useless to the workpiece itself, so it should be arranged outside the scope of the workpiece, and note that the lead can not be set in the sharp corner and other not easy to heat. The connection between the lead and the slit uses arc transition as far as possible to make the machine move smoothly and avoid the corner stop.


4, common edge cutting

The common edge of two or more parts into a combination, large quantities of regular graphics as far as possible common edge, common edge cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time, but also save raw materials.

5. Parts collision

In order to make the production efficiency is greater, many laser cutting equipment is 24h continuous operation, and the use of unmanned operation of the automatic/unloading device, hit the cutting finished tilting parts caused by the cutting head damage and production interruption, bring large losses. This requires attention when sorting:

① Choose the right cutting path, bypass the cut parts, reduce the collision.

② Choose a better cutting route to reduce the cutting time.

③ Automatic or manual will be a number of small parts with a small connection together, after cutting, unloaded parts, can easily disconnect the small connection.


6. Residual material treatment

After cutting parts, the skeleton-like residual materials on the working table of laser cutting equipment need to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. For laser cutting equipment that does not have automatic unloading device, skeleton-like residual material can be cut into small pieces to facilitate rapid removal. Thus avoid the operator because of moving heavy and sharp edge of the residual material caused by personal injury.

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