Laser welding machine parameter setting adjustment

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Laser welding machine parameter setting adjustment

Laser welding machine parameter setting adjustment

How is the parameter setting adjustment of laser welding machine? We are in the process of using laser welding machine, how to know what adjustments should be made to the parameters of the laser welding machine, for welding different materials, the parameters of the laser welding machine are different, let's take a look at the parameter Settings of the laser welding machine.


Laser pulse width:

Laser pulse width is an important parameter of laser welding machine in the welding process, laser pulse width, determines the welding width and depth of the welding, the setting of laser pulse width affects the welding effect; The longer the pulse width, the larger the heat-affected zone, and the fusion depth increases with the 1/2 power of the pulse width. For each material, there is an optimum pulse width for maximum penetration.

Laser power density:

Laser power density is one of the most important parameters in laser processing. There is a threshold value of laser energy density in laser welding. If the threshold value is lower than this value, the fusion depth is very shallow. Once it reaches or exceeds this value, the fusion depth will be greatly increased. Therefore, the higher the power density, the faster the workpiece surface heating to the boiling point, using a higher power density, in the microsecond time range, the surface can be heated to the boiling point, resulting in a large amount of vaporization. Therefore, high power density is beneficial for material removal processes such as drilling, cutting and engraving. For low power density, it takes several milliseconds for the surface temperature to reach the boiling point. Before the surface vaporization, the bottom reaches the melting point, which is easy to form a good melt welding.


Laser pulse waveform:

Laser pulse waveform is an important problem in laser welding, especially for thin section welding. When the high intensity laser beam to the surface of the material, the metal surface will have 40~70% of the laser energy reflection and loss, and the reflectivity changes with the surface temperature. During the period of a laser pulse, the metal reflectivity change is very big, is, not the utility ratio of the metal for the reflectivity of laser and laser is different, must carry on the effective welding must be input out waveform of the laser, so much seam metal organization ability in crystallization, the best way to form consistent with the substrate metal organization, to form a high quality welding seam. In actual welding, the pulse waveform can be adjusted flexibly according to the welding characteristics of different materials. For brittle materials, pulse waveform with slow energy reduction can be used to slow down the cold quenching speed.

Laser welding machine parameter setting adjustment is mainly on the laser pulse width, laser power density, laser pulse waveform setting adjustment, corresponding to different welding materials, laser welding machine parameters are different debugging data. Laser welding machine parameter setting adjustment is mainly you these three key points, users can adjust the laser welding machine parameters according to the welding material.

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