laser welding machine portatil YAG laser principle and its characteristics!

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laser welding machine portatil YAG laser principle and its characteristics!

To understand YAG, you need to know how the YAG laser works in the YAG laser welding machine portatil. So how does it work? Let's take a brief look at it:

laser welding machine portati Principle:

1, YAG laser is the use of gas discharge lamp excitation Nd :YAG continuous laser used continuous neon lamp pump, neon lamp in full load life is about 200h, in 70% load life is about 1000h.

The service life of the pulsed xenon lamp used in the pulsed laser is up to 10 ^ 7. The spectra of the continuous krypton lamp and pulsed argon lamp match the absorption spectra of the working material Nd :YAG crystal.

The maximum peak power of q-switched laser with lamp excitation repetition rate of dozens of times per second can reach hundreds of megawatts, the maximum power of continuous output has exceeded 1000W, and the continuous output power of multi-rod series can reach several kilowatts. The diode pumped Nd:YAG laser has a continuous output power of 100 watts.


laser welding machine portati Features:

1. The output laser wavelength is 1.06um, 1/10 of the CO2 laser wavelength of 10.6um. Short wavelength is advantageous to focusing, optical fiber transmission and metal surface absorption, so it has high coupling efficiency with metal and good machining performance (the effective power of an 800W YAG laser is equivalent to that of a 3KW CO2 laser).

2, YAG laser can work in two states of continuous and pulse, pulse output plus Q and modelock technology can get short pulse and ultra-short pulse, the peak power is very high, so that its processing range is larger than CO2 laser

3, YAG laser can be coupled with optical fiber, with the help of time segmentation and power segmentation multi-channel system can easily transmit a laser to multiple stations or remote stations, so that laser processing to achieve flexibility.

4, YAG laser compact structure, especially LD pump all solid state laser, miniaturization, all solid state, long life, work material thermal effect reduced, simple and reliable use, is the main research and development direction of YAG laser. Faults have the following: YAG laser conversion efficiency about an order of magnitude lower than CO2 laser, is only a few percent, YAG laser rod is internal temperature gradient in the process of work, so will produce thermal stress and thermal lens effect, the output power and beam quality is affected, YAG laser beam quality is poorer, generally multiple mode operation, The cost per watt of output power is higher than the CO2 laser.


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