Maanshan DURMAPRESS laser fiber laser cutting machine how clamping control

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Maanshan DURMAPRESS laser fiber laser cutting machine how clamping control

Optical Maanshan DURMAPRESS laser fiber laser cutting machine and its pipe clamping skills, electric chuck installed on the bed; Chuck body and chuck change drive installed on the base; The shaft body is a hollow cylindrical layout of two headgear, one end of the shaft body is arranged with the chuck to change the drive installation to continue to change the gear, the synchronous disk is arranged in the shaft body apart from the change gear end; The settling plate is arranged on the outer side of the synchronous plate, and the clamping claw is movable and arranged on the settling plate; Chuck drive assembly chuck drive assembly and jaw continue, chuck drive assembly experience chuck drive assembly to move jaw. Pipe clamp to grasp the skills, get a grip and motor delay machine related news, grasp the wuxi rezai laser part-time situation of motor delay machine, electric chuck end can perhaps held the promise of change and tube clamping synchronization, can probably escaped because equipped with layout. Low electric chuck positioning deviation caused by large positioning accuracy.

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Fiber laser cutting machine pipe falling installation. The scheme pipe installation and undertake transport components, pipe installation in bracket, the degree of support components and the swing components, the degree of support components support base plate and support category, settle on equipped with ups and downs drive components, support category with hinged support base plate, support plate equipped with reverse drive component, the swing components two degree of plywood and drive components, Accept delivery of components and equipment to support category and located below support after settle on one side of the bracket, and drive component drive degree and support components, makes the support pipe support category, the degree of drive components drive two splint clamping of pipes, cut the pipe to shake, pipe processing precision, flip flip drive component drive support category, After the completion of processing, the pipe material will be dropped to undertake transportation components for transmission, convenient blanking and transmission.

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Tube storage for fiber laser cutting machine, material storage body, storage material tray arranged next to the main body of the material storage, storage frame arranged on the material car beside the access material tray; Access plate frame, elastic plate, fixed on the frame of the vertical rise and fall part and drive the degree of the elastic plate moving part; The elastic plate is provided with a clamping part with a storage frame; A docking part is arranged between the material car and the access plate, the docking part of the material car and access plate unchanged, clamping part continues to store the material frame and access plate, access plate starts the storage frame to move. It can complete the automatic and orderly placement of pipes in the workshop of fiber laser cutting machine, improve the workshop space exercise rate and production compliance of pipe cutting.

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