[Maanshan famous bending machine mold products WC67Y series] This hydraulic plate bending machine is equipped with excellent Angle compensation device

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[Maanshan famous bending machine mold products WC67Y series] This hydraulic plate bending machine is equipped with excellent Angle compensation device

[Maanshan famous bending machine mold products WC67Y series] This hydraulic plate bending machine is equipped with excellent Angle compensation device

This series WC67K full CNC bending machine, its control form and ordinary bending machine, simple CNC bending machine has the essence of different, is a relatively advanced sheet bending machine.

The basic performance of this series WC67K fully CNC bending machine is as follows:

I. Its balancing system adopts electro-hydraulic proportional synchronization. Through the hydraulic proportional valve to the two oil cylinder accurate oil supply, to ensure the balance of the upper tool holder, so eliminate the common bending machine - biased load phenomenon.

2. Bending Angle control: machine tool control system can automatically calculate the depth of upper die and lower tool according to the input data in advance. The grating ruler on the C-frame is used to measure the moving position of the lower tool of the upper mold, and the pressure relief will be automatic when the position is reached. The C-frame is installed below the roar of the bending machine, thus overcoming the rigid deformation error caused by the fuselage compression. Guarantee the bending accuracy of sheet of any thickness.

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Three. Post positioning. The two rear-positioned retaining teeth can automatically move vertically, horizontally and up and down according to the input data, and work with bending without manual adjustment.

Four. Compensation mechanism. In order to obtain the highest bending accuracy, the hydraulic compensation mechanism of the lower table can be configured to eliminate the compression deformation of the lower table. The size of the compensation pressure is the machine tool control system, according to the input data automatic calculation, automatic adjustment.

This series WC67K full CNC bending machine basic configuration

one Numerical control system: DELEM DA69 or DA65 system. Yaskawa servo motor, Japan. Yaskawa drive unit.

two Hydraulic system: BOSCH or HOERBIGER 1, Germany. Main pressure reducing valve 2. Electro-hydraulic proportional balance valve 3. Reversing valve 4. Pressure relay (electronic pressure gauge)

3. Cylinder: Full set of Japanese Walka or American Tecon seals.

Four. Oil pump: American PARKER, Japan or Germany BOSCH, internal gear pump.

Five. Complete set of pipe fittings: PARKER, USA.

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Six. Electrical: Schneider intermediate relay. Yaskawa servo motor, Japan. Yaskawa drive unit. ABB main motor. Heidenheim grating ruler, Germany.

Seven. Rolling element: Germany Bosch Rexroth guide rail, Germany BLIS large lead precision ball screw.

Eight. Grating electronic ruler: Hedham.

Numerical control mechanism:

one Y1, Y2 axis: bending Angle control.

two X axis: rear positioning retaining forward and backward movement control.

3. R axis: rear positioning baffle up and down movement control.

Four. Z1, Z2 axis: The two retaining teeth on the rear positioning baffle move around control. Electro-hydraulic servo synchronous full CNC hydraulic bending machine.

WC67Y series hydraulic bending machine

Structure and Characteristics

All steel welded structure, vibration aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, has good rigidity and stability.

The machine hydraulic synchronization system is adopted (the inclination of the slider is transmitted to the hydraulic synchronization system through the mechanical signal, so that the slider moves smoothly).

With small torsion shaft fast balance, mechanical stop at the bottom dead point, good stability, high precision, strong anti-deflection load ability.

This series WC67K fully CNC bending machine adopts the lower work table with deflection compensation device

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I. Main performance characteristics of the machine:

1, the frame adopts the whole steel welding structure, through normalizing and high-frequency vibration to eliminate the internal stress, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool, has excellent stiffness, has excellent anti distortion, anti tilt ability. The thickened workbench and the thickened slider make the whole machine have high rigidity, so the slider and the workbench have very little deformation when bending, and the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency.

2, according to the German DIN55222T2-80 standard design.

3, the hydraulic system adopts the integrated control system, reduces the pipeline installation, adopts the imported sealing ring, improves the working stability of the machine tool, beautiful and simple appearance.

4, the main cylinder piston of the machine tool adopts aerospace technology - surface nickel phosphorus treatment, its hardness can reach more than HRC60, and the relative movement of the piston guide sleeve with its own lubricity of zinc-based wear-resistant alloy, can make the cylinder in good working condition for a long time.

5, the use of torsion shaft synchronization, mechanical block, reliable, economic, high precision.

6. The distance of the rear baffle and the stroke of the upper slider are automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, and can also be manually adjusted for easy operation.

7. The upper die is equipped with winding compensation mechanism.

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