Machines hydraulic press brake vibration and noise

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Machines hydraulic press brake vibration and noise

The vibration and noise of the Machines hydraulic press brake is one of the common faults of hydraulic equipment, which usually occur at the same time. Vibration and noise of the bending machine have the following hazards:

1  Affect the surface quality of the workpiece, so that the performance of the machine deteriorates.

2 Affect the efficiency of hydraulic equipment, because to avoid vibration has to reduce the cutting speed and the amount of tool.

3  Aggravating wear, resulting in loose pipe joint, oil leakage, and even vibration damage equipment, resulting in equipment and personal accidents.

4 The noise of the bending machine is one of the important factors of environmental pollution. The noise makes the brain tired, affects the hearing, speeds up the heart beating, and endangers the physical and mental health of people harm

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5  The vibration and noise of the bending machine submerges the danger signal and the command signal, causing the industrial accident. The whole bending machine equipment is composed of many elastomers. bending

Machine each elastomer in the impact force, rotational imbalance force, change of friction, change of inertia force and elastic force, folding machine will produce a total

Vibration and vibration, accompanied by noise.

The vibration of folding checker includes forced vibration and self-excited vibration. For the hydraulic system of the folding machine, the forced vibration of the bending machine comes from the motor and hydraulic pump

And hydraulic motors and other high-speed moving parts of the rotation of unbalanced force, hydraulic cylinder, pressure valve, reversing valve and flow valve, such as reversing impact force and flow pressure pulsation. bending

Forced vibration of the machine, bending machine to maintain the vibration of the alternating force and vibration (including resonance) can not coexist, that is, when trying to make vibration stop, the alternating force of motion is still For real.

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The self-excited vibration of the bending machine is also called flutter, which is generated in the process of the movement of the bending machine equipment. It is not caused by forced vibration energy, but by the interaction of the parameters such as oil pressure, flow, force and mass of the hydraulic transmission device of the bending machine. No matter how intense the vibration, as long as the movement (such as machining cutting movement

When it stops, it disappears immediately. For example, servo spool valve often produces self-excited vibration, its vibration source is the interaction between the axial hydraulic force of the spool valve and the pipeline

In addition, the vibration of many elastomers in the hydraulic system of the folding machine may produce the vibration of a single component, or the total of two or more components

Vibration. The reason for the resonance of the bending machine is that their vibration frequency is the same or similar, when the bending machine produces resonance, the amplitude increases.

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