Maintenance maintenance of the cnc fiber laser cutting machinewe use!

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Maintenance maintenance of the cnc fiber laser cutting machinewe use!

Maintenance maintenance of the cnc fiber laser cutting we use!

No matter we use any machine maintenance can make it run for a long time, the price of laser cutting machine is very expensive, we must maintain the machine, the following reference points hope to help you, pay attention to giant can learn more, thank you for your visit

Check the following contents before each run to help you use them for a long time

1. Before each startup, carefully check the pressure of the laser working gas and cutting auxiliary gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, it should be replaced in time

2. Check that the cold water pressure is maintained between 3.5 and 5Bar, and the temperature is better as required

3. Check the oil level in the laser vacuum pump. If it is insufficient, add it

4. Check whether the oil, water and gas paths of the laser leak, and whether the pneumatic components and pipe joints of the vacuum pump and resonant cavity leak

Use more than half a year to test the following parts

1. Check whether the cold water pipe of the laser head is corroded. If yes, remove or replace the pipe in time

2. Check whether the power supply tank leaks oil

3. Check whether the high-voltage cable is damaged

4. Check and clean the laser resonator and all mirrors, including front window mirror, tail mirror, mirror, etc

5. After cleaning the internal lens of the laser, the light mode of the laser should be adjusted until the correct mode is reached

6. Tighten all plugs carefully to ensure pump tightness

Refer to the above content to do normal maintenance and also to observe the maintenance of machine tools and cold fans, if any parts on the machine is found to be damaged, must be replaced in time to ensure the normal production of the machine, so that the laser cutting machine has a normal operation of the function will be used for a long time

Fully enclosed and protected laser cutting machine

Product Model: HFWR-6855-56630DS

Cutting machine power: 1000W-6000W

Cutting thickness: 1-22mm

Cutting material: stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper and other metal materials

Laser working medium: YVO4

Laser wavelength: 1070 nm

Processing format:

3 * 1.5 M * 1.5 M and 4

4 * 2 * 1.5 M, 6 M

6 * 2 M, 2.5 M *

Laser working medium: YV04

Laser wavelength: 1070NM

Rated output power: 5000W

Beam quality :< 0.373 Mrad

X axis stroke: 6000mm

Y-axis stroke :1500mm

Z-axis stroke: 120mm

Cutting range: 6000*1500mm

All surrounded by a protective type laser cutting machine with a screen protector method makes the body and in the production of dangerous isolated device, in the production of dangerous part includes operation may come into contact with the moving parts of a machine equipment, processing materials debris may fly out of place, machinery and equipment are easy to be hit on the electric parts, high temperature and radiation zone, as well as the factory house, etc.

The main products of Juneng laser equipment are: medium and high power laser flat cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, THREE-DIMENSIONAL robot, five axis, six axis laser cutting machine series, laser cutting machine power can be configured (1000W-15000W).

Widely used in sheet metal processing, automobile, shipbuilding, machine tools, oil drilling equipment, elevator equipment manufacturing, kitchen lighting, household appliances, hardware products and other industries.

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