Maintenance of V Groove Machine

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Maintenance of V Groove Machine

At this stage, many customers are using CNC V Groove Machine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, reduce the wear of guide rails, ball screws and tools. All active parts of the machine tool should be properly and properly lubricated on schedule. Therefore, the following points must be noted in use:

   1. Before starting, operate the hand-operated centralized oiler to lubricate the active part of the planer holder, twice per shift, and use the grease gun to add grease to the active part of the rear pipe position for lubrication once a week.

   2. After the operation is completed, the iron debris and other debris on the guide groove of the hydraulic clamp of the workbench must be removed.

   3. The machine tool is always kept clean.

   4. When grooving, the programmed feed amount should not be too large, so as to avoid damage to the tool and unstable pressing.

   5. The injected pressure oil must be filtered to ensure that the oil quality is clean (regular inspection, pressure oil deterioration needs to be replaced)

   6. Different Metal Sheet V Groove Machine should use the corresponding pressure oil model.

   7. Under normal working conditions, the oil level should be kept at 2/3 of the dipstick, and should not be lower than the red line.

   In addition, the operator must also pay attention to the effective maintenance of the initiator to ensure that the planer is in an excellent working state.

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